Nioh GR Launch Hub: Features and Guides

Nioh is here, and it means business. If you're into RPGs, or challenging games like the Souls series for that matter, you are going to want to check this game out.

Given the difficulty of Nioh, we decided to spend some time this week writing guides for the game after publishing our official review. We've organized everything in a hub that showcases our coverage, which can be seen below.

Note that this hub will grow as we write additional features and guides.



Nioh Review

  • We went into the game expecting something flashy and exciting. Little did we know that it would end up being one of our favorite games in recent years.

Nioh Is Clearly a Success, But Will It Galvanize Team Ninja's Reputation In the West?​

  • Team Ninja has a huge opportunity to gain mind share with fans in the West. The question is whether or not it will seize the opportunity.

Of Course Nioh Is Crazy Difficult, It's Like Ninja Gaiden Dark Souls

  • Perhaps the biggest topic of discussion surrounding Nioh is how difficult it is, leading to its comparison to the Souls series and even Ninja Gaiden.

Tell GR: Do You Enjoy Difficult Games Like Nioh and Dark Souls?

  • Challenging games aren't for everyone. Join in the discussion about whether or not gamers, including you, are interested in a good video game challenge.


Tier List: Nioh's Best Weapon Types To Use

  • Early on in your journey you'll have to make an important choice regarding which weapon type you will use throughout the game. This guide will serve you well in your decision.

Difference Between Low, Mid and High Stances

  • You might know that the three stances completely alter your offense and defense, but do you know when you should use each of them? Check out this quick guide for the answer.

10 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Starting Nioh

  • We've boiled down 40 hours of experience to 10 simple tips that will make your journey much easier.

A Guide To Choosing a Guardian Spirit

  • Kato, Isonade, or Daiba-Washi? That is the question. Although the choice is yours, we have some information to share about this crucial early game decision that you don't want to miss.

Every Stat and What They Do

  • Don't spend another stat point without understanding what they do. This guide will quickly explain the purpose of all seven stat types to prepare you for an optimized build.

Where To Unlock Every Guardian Spirit

  • There aren't just three Guardian Spirits available. Let us show you where to find the others so you can obliterate enemies when your spirit bar is full.

How To Play In Co-Op Multiplayer

  • A lot of players have been confused about how to enter the multiplayer portion of the game. Here's how.

How To Respec Skill Points

  • Listen, you're going to accidently place skill points in areas that you wish you wouldn't have. Thankfully, there's a solution.