New Hero Teased For Overwatch: Efi Oladele May Be A Super Villain

When Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan basically told everyone that Doomfist would not be the next hero, we weren't sure if or when we'd get further details. But, it appears that day is today.

In a new Overwatch blog post, "Atlas News," the fictional Overwatch news organization that also reported on Sombra's goings on, in addition to several other hero reveals, interviewed an up-and-coming robotic scientist and inventor "Efi Oladele," a child prodigy who was given the "genius grant" by the Adawe Foundation.

It's important to note that not every person interviewed by Atlas News has turned out to be an Overwatch hero, so let's see what can we extrapolate from her interview to determine if she's a hero at all and what it could mean if she isn't.

1. Another Builder

Given that Efi is a scientist, it's possible we're looking at another builder in the same vein as Torbjorn or Symmetra, which could mean turrets. It could also mean an ability to deploy a mobile offensive unit, maybe like a less impactful Junkrat Rip Tire (if you can imagine such a thing).

2. A Robot Controller

Let's say that this doesn't tell the whole story. She's an 11-year-old super genius who was just given a huge lump some of money that appears to have no specific earmarks or conditions (the interviewer asks her if she's going to buy a new computer with it). I'm thinking she may not be the most suited for the battlefield.

But I'm certain she can create something that is suited for battle, given her specialty in Robotics and A.I. In fact, she even says in the interview "my dream is to build something that can keep us safe."

I could see Efi as the creator of a robot fighter (she mentions something about an OR15, which is currently an unknown term). So, if she is present in-game, she will most likely stay in spawn. But, she could just be part of the lore, and her Robot creation is the real new hero. Since I'm not sure Blizzard wants to condone violence toward an 11-year-old, I'll say this is the most likely option.

3. A Super Villain

With no. 2 in mind, it's possible that either Efi or her creation can turn out to be a force for evil rather than good. Suddenly, she's creating what she intends to be super robot police? Where have I heard that narrative before, besides every futuristic dystopian artificial intelligence tale ever told? What could possibly go wrong?

Like Tony Stark in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Efi could be the creator of an artificial intelligence gone wrong and attempting to kill our heroes for what it sees as the greater good. The only question is, will she feel bad about it?

Again, this would mean that Efi, herself, isn't a playable character, only whatever she creates. But she could be the mastermind behind a very dangerous technology.