Nintendo Isn’t Kidding Around With Its Effective Switch Marketing Campaign

This week marks the end of a generation for Nintendo. With the arrival of this Friday, the Wii U and 3DS will see their time on the market effectively come to an end as they are replaced by something new and bold: the Switch.

This dawn of a new generation will provide Nintendo with a new opportunity to become a leader in the gaming industry, one that is currently dominated by Sony. Having experienced what it's like to fall short, which was sadly the case with the Wii U, it has re-examined how it can not only better design its products, but market them in a more effective way.

Nintendo has already begun executing on what it hopes is an effective Switch marketing campaign. Awareness of the new device is increasing on a daily basis as images show up on social media, and advertisements are seen in high visibility areas.


Below we will look at how far Switch marketing has extended, and what you can expect out in the wild.

Many retailers have Switch advertising featured for all to see on their exterior. Don't be surprised to see the Switch proudly put on display at your local Walmart or Best Buy.

John Cena might not be the first person that comes to mind when consumers think about gamer celebrities, but that didn't stop Nintendo from having him visit a "Play Anywhere" kiosk in Aspen, Colorado. This photo was shared to Cena's twitter follower base of over nine million people, many of whom are young people.

More than a dozen retailers across the United States currently have kiosks available where consumers can check out the Switch for themselves. For the millions of consumers who don't know that a new Nintendo console is launching this week, what better way to find out than when on an errand run at Best Buy.

Nintendo isn't only sticking to new age marketing. Thousands of commercials have been run already, with plenty more to come leading up to launch. In this picture shared on Reddit, a Pediatric Dental Hygienist snapped a photo of what he explained as being a TV advertisement that was played multiple times throughout a single day, visible to the dozens of children (and parents) who came through for appointments.

Zelda and the Switch have effectively taken over this week's retailer ads. In this instance, the Switch is advertised on multiple pages in the latest Best Buy ad with vivid imagery in the gaming and electronics sections.

To illustrate the Switch's portability, Nintendo has set up kiosks in places all over the world. People have been visiting these locations to try out the console, and bear witness to how it can be played just about anywhere.

Last but not least, nearly two dozen gaming outlets (including us) were sent a Switch console prior to release. Nintendo has timed its embargoes for both the console and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to dominate headlines leading up to launch. And it's working, that we can tell you.

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