A Guide To Finding A Place To Sleep In Torment: Tides of Numenera

As many have noted thus far, it's easy to jump into Torment: Tides of Numenera and feel like the game is in Latin and you only speak Swahili. While not technically hard to play, like For Honor, for example, it's incredibly hard to understand. They'll throw a thousand terms at you, with maybe one or two of them really sticking, leaving you with only a muddled understanding of the rest.

But sleeping. That should be easy, right? When you're building your character, you'll see certain abilities can be activated once "per sleep," which tells you that sleeping is a way of refreshing things, but that's about all you know until you start playing.

What Does Sleeping Do For Me?

While playing the game, your character and your companions can use up all or part of three unique stat pools – Might, Speed and Intellect. Your party can also lose health and suffer other negative effects. Sleeping cures any ailments and fully restores every party member's three stat pools. This will allow you to more successfully navigate the complex situations you find yourself in throughout the game.

Is There Any Downside To Sleeping?

There can be. Many quests will have a time element to them, which means sleeping without progressing in those quests will move them along, usually for the worse. So, if you wake up to find out that an unfortunate development has occurred in a quest you've started, maybe think twice before sleeping again without completing that quest.

OK. I'm Sold. So I Just Hit The Sleep Button?

Not quite. You have to find a place to sleep, but, when you first start playing Tides of Numenera, there won't be a place for you to sleep. The first town you get to is called Sagus Cliffs. Talk to the young child in the Circus Minor area. He's a good guide to the city, and you can ask him where to sleep. He'll tell you of two different options, but later cities will be less clear, since they aren't teaching you how to play anymore.

So… Where CAN I Sleep?

Sagus Cliffs – Cult Of The Changing God

  • In Circus Minor, after completing the Clock-related quest for the Cult of the Changing God, they will allow you the opportunity to sleep, assuming, of course, you haven't managed to declare war on their entire organization. But, they are a suggested (meaning mandatory) donation-based group, so sleeping there will cost you 40 Shins for your whole group.

Sagus Cliffs – Caravanserai

  • From Circus Minor, you can go to the upper left to reach the Government Square, then immediately to the right to get to Caravanserai. Just as you enter from this area, you'll see an inn with several beds headed by a mysterious woman. Assuming you don't manage to gravely offend or kill her, you'll be able to sleep there, but, again, it will cost you. This inn charges 20 Shins per person. So, it's good if you're going it alone or with one other person, but this becomes the less desirable option the moment you get a third or fourth companion (and believe me, it will happen soon).

Valley Of Dead Heroes

  • After you leave Sagus Cliffs, you'll arrive at a series of much smaller connected areas, the first of which is the Valley of Dead Heroes (welcoming, I know). Using the purple teleportation crack, you'll arrive on a ledge and eventually find some capers. They will offer you a safe place to sleep, but at a steep price of 100 Shins. Since you won't be able to get back to the Sagus Cliffs immediately, this may be your only option depending on how your future interactions go.

Necropolis Entrance

  • After using the light blue teleporter in the middle of the Valley of Dead Heroes, you'll arrive at the opposite edge. Head due north, and you'll can enter the mouth of a place the Necropolis, where a group of armed soldiers are interrogating some prisoners. If you manage to save these prisoners (either through force or through other means), they will offer you a safe place to sleep. The best part is, they will do so free of charge, as a token of gratitude for saving them. But, if you are taking a darker path, or simply were unable to save these prisoners, I wouldn't expect the same from the soldiers.

Miel Avest

  • Miel Avest will be available in the Necropolis, a series of tombs that you can access with a number pad. A woman named Lady Ashne will be there, and she will offer you a place to sleep for 110 Shins. Again, this is a steep price, so if you don't value your time as much, it's better to backtrack to the Necropolis entrance.

[Editor's Note: We will be adding more sleep locations as we continue to play the game.]