Valve Trolls CS:GO Community In Latest Patch Notes With Reference To De_Nuke’s Water

Three days ago a Reddit user by the name hollandje published a gif showing himself playing on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map de_nuke. After looking at a sign that reads, "DANGER: Deep Water", he is seen walking on the water nearby before shooting it with his gun only to find that it behaves no different to the hard ground textures that players normally walk on.

The gif (seen above or here) received widespread visibility on the Global Offensive subreddit where it earned more than 21,000 upvotes using the post title "I have never felt so deceived by Valve". Comments on the post were predominantly comical in nature, such as a post by T0mc4n which reads, "It's obviously an invisible wall made by Valve to protect players from drowning in the deep water." Another commenter likened it to Jim Carrey's The Truman Show.

The post appears to have gotten the attention of Valve, as last night's update patch notes makes mention of Nuke's water. In addition to five alterations to the map, it reads:


Made water outside the map deeper (Thanks hollandje!)

Players quickly took notice to this before heading to Nuke. They would soon find themselves disappointed to find that nothing had actually changed; the water is still a moving texture that can't be "stepped into".

Many community members have found this comical given that the original post was titled "I have never felt so deceived by Valve".

It's worth noting that Valve finalized the contents of the patch days if not weeks ago, so there was realistically no time to include an alteration to the water. In addition, Nuke is CS:GO's most hardware demanding map, with many players complaining about framerate drops when competing on the map—this has gotten a lot better in previous patches. Using this solution for the water helps in regards to FPS as water physics are some of the most performance impacting visual elements in gaming.

Yesterday's update introduced map alterations for Nuke, Cobblestone, Italy, and Cache. In addition, it notably added a new 17 item Spectrum Case as well as a new map called Canals. As with all CS:GO updates, the patch is available for free.

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