Valorant Haven map looks very similar to CS:GO maps in ‘conspiracy theory’

The Valorant Haven map appears to share many design features with two CS:GO maps according to a “conspiracy theory” posted by the esports team Ninjas in Pyjamas at Home. Based on the CS:GO and Valorant images the team has shown, it seems like there might be something here.

If you haven’t been keeping up with first-person shooters lately, Valorant is a new game from Riot Games, the same people behind League of LegendsValorant has been in a closed beta for a while now, and people are still discovering a lot about the game. Now, one esports team seems to have noticed something rather intriguing about one of the game’s maps.

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The image shared by Ninjas in Pyjamas at Home compares the Valorant Haven map with the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps de_cpl_mill and de_tuscan. From there, several boxes and colored arrows are used to highlight similar features like bombsites/capture points and the spawns for each team.

You can see this amusing “conspiracy theory” for yourself in the tweet below.