Valorant release date surprisingly announced for June 2020

Earlier this year, Riot Games set an ambitious goal for the Valorant launch date of sometime in Summer 2020. Now, they’ve announced that the Valorant release date is going to be different from what we expected — and for once, it’s not bad news!

“So I’ll get right to it — earlier this year, when we revealed Valorant, we also announced a very aspirational launch date of Summer 2020,” Valorant’s Executive Producer Anna Donlon began.

“And we’ve been wanting to get you this game to brighten these tough times,” continued Valorant Game Director Joe Ziegler. “But as it turns out, we’re not gonna be launching this game in a few months.”

“Because we’re launching it in a few weeks!” Donlon exclaimed. That’s right — Valorant will be launching on June 2, 2020!

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Valorant has been in a closed beta since early April 2020. The game had a massive spike in Twitch viewership, fueled partially by excitement and partially by the fact that Valorant beta keys were being given away as Twitch drops.

Since its launch, Valoranta steady decline has had in viewership, dropping down to around 200,000 viewers. Just as it seemed like the game’s popularity was starting to wane, Riot Games announced that it would be going live.

You’ll be able to play Riot’s first-person shooter when it launches on the Valorant release date of June 2, 2020. For now, check out the announcement trailer below and get hyped for launch!