The People Speak: Mass Effect Stirs The Galaxy

Last week we revived The People Speak after a more than two year hiatus, and the community feedback has been amazing. It's not going anywhere.

This week there were a number of big gaming topics, many centered around Mass Effect: Andromeda. Let's look at what the community had to say.


Article: Colin Moriarty Scores Over $20k In Patreon Support After Kinda Funny Departure

Comment: ​I think the issue is that once he tweeted this, his peers in the gaming industry had limited practical options:

1) Say nothing (which some may fear Is an implicit agreement with his tweet).

2) Defend him if you feel he made a reasonably tame joke.

3) Publically denounce his joke.

I truly that think 90%+ of the general public would take little-to-no offence to what he said (i.e., minimal enough offence that they wouldn't bother going online to comment).

I think almost everybody in the gaming media knows that going with Option 2 (publically) will open themselves up to criticism and isn't worth it, regardless of what they think. So you wind up with pretty much the collective industry either saying nothing or denouncing his tweet. This then leads to the perception that "Colin = Bigot" since nobody in his industry is defending him, and a crapload of hit pieces are written (like Polygons and Destructoids). Then the topic is discussed ad nauseum which continues an association of his name with bigotry in the public space.

My own opinion is that if something is obviously a joke, you should probably handle it as such and lower your "offence meter" accordingly.

I'd like to see some of the people skewering him watch an episode of a syndicated show like All in the Family. They'd probably have an aneurism.


Article: Mass Effect Andromeda Reviews And The Logic Of Predetermined Quality

Comment: Whenever I see the outrage over review scores I am embarrassed to be a gamer. After all, how am I supposed to enjoy Breath of the Wild after its metascore drops to 97? I might as well throw it in the trash at that point.

Bufford Buchanan

Article: CD Project Red CEO: 'It Would Be Unfair Not To Make The Witcher 4'

Comment: Hell yes! It might be hard to do though. They really did a wonderful job of wrapping up the book and game series. The games flowed very well from the books. Might be cool to play through the 4 year period between the end of the books and the start of the first Witcher game. Might also be really cool to play through the Witcher Saga. Thinking they would probably whip up a post Wild Hunt crisis to draw Geralt out of retirement. Might be cool to go back to the period right after the Conjunction of Spheres when Witchers were new and revered. Could make a really good Elder Scrolls-ish game with this premise. I am pumped.​

Zap Rowsdower

Article: Mass Effect Andromeda Review

Comment: The game seems to be getting a lot of hate. But hell, if it's similar to the previous Mass Effect games then I'm in. I can usually look past animation bugs and such. It might even give me a good laugh.​


Article: Tell GR: How Important Are Metascores To You? ​

Comment: I don't care so much about the score, but rather the reason for it. I always knew I was going to buy and enjoy the hell out of The Phantom Pain, and seeing a 10 from just about every publication was obviously a good sign. But I did notice that a lot of critics pointed out the story as a weak point, and that the main missions were usually just "take out this guy" or "stop this truck" and the majority of them had absolutely nothing to do with the overall Metal Gear story, which is spot on. I think MGSV is worthy of a 10 for gameplay, but I was still let down and it's my least favourite in the series because of a clear lack of focus on story, which is what I really wanted to see.

I also loved Final Fantasy 13. I could point out how, when the game released, it was still heaped with praise and had an average score of something like 85, only to later have everyone (including the critics who gave those scores) turn around and say they didn't enjoy it one bit. But the reason I bring it up is because for what I wanted from the game, it was perfect. I wanted a fantasy setting and a good story to get lost in. It had great character development, it looked incredible at the time, it had an amazing fantasy world and boy was it stylish. The combat was also great. But of course I get strangle looks when I admit this because everyone is so quick to point out that every final fantasy before it was better and that 13 is a hallway of a game with no reason to exist. I can see their point, but for me personally, the reputation doesn't matter.​


Article: Ranking Legion: Top 3 World of Warcraft Expansions By A Vanilla Veteran

Comment: I only played BC and Legion and have to go with Legion:

While the artifact system gets rid of the thrill of getting new weapons, it was akin to LOTRO's legendary weapon system where you get exp and level it up. I really enjoyed customizing it and finding ways to unlock new skins and what not.

I liked the storyline and how you had the freedom to go to any zone with level scaling. I usually get annoyed with scaling but it worked really well in this case so the experience didn't feel railroaded.​


Article: ​For Honor Game Director Responds To Microtransaction Criticism: You're Not Supposed To Buy Everything

Comment: ​"I expect them to buy content for the heroes they want"

Admitting it's pay to win?


Article: Dream Sequels: Condemned 3 Could Restore The Series

Comment: I feel in order for it to be successful, they have to ditch the supernatural cause behind the street violence in the games.

It helps make the plot even more mysterious, I mean why are those gang members dressed up and posing as mannequins? They're actually insane. Why does the bum want to bust your brains out? So that he can get his next fix. That knife wielding psycho? He's undergoing a joining ritual to prove that he's worthy.

It's more of a cop out to explain every occurrence to the player with some kind of out-of-this-world power that only the protagonist and a few characters can understand.

Keep it mysterious is all I'm saying, not Santa Claus was the cause of all this.


Article: NieR: Automata (PC) Review

Comment: If anyone's looking for a fullscreen fix, there are a couple of options.

There's Borderless Gaming which simply makes windowed mode a borderless fullscreen.

Or there's Special K which is a whole overlay suite with options to show fps, CPU/GPU usage etc. but also contains a fix for fullscreen mode.

SLI can also be enabled using this fix…

SLI only works in fullscreen mode though so you may need the Special K fix for it to work.

6 hours in, it's a great game… once you get past that tutorial boss anyway. Combat is fun, story is intriguing & the upgrade system provides plenty of incentive to keep going.


Article: Sonic Forces Looks Pretty Slick, But So Did A Lot Of Sonic Games

Comment: Sonic needs to bite the bullet and clone Mario or Jak+Daxter with a higher top speed and a dash move. Sonic never committed to that adventure style of game, and it has killed him as a 3D character–game after game (and I've only played some) tiptoed in and out of the various elements, but no one was willing to truly reinvent (by copying!) the core gameplay loop.

I don't see anything different with this game.