Official: Dead Rising 4 Players Have Died A Total Of 4 Times Each, On Average

Capcom made the announcement yesterday that Dead Rising 4 has reached 1 million players, an impressive number for a primarily single-player, story-driven game.

A less impressive number is that right below this 1 million figure on the infographic they posted: those 1 million+ players have died a combined total of 4.5 million times. That means that each person who has played Dead Rising 4 has died an average of just over four times.

This gives more ammo to one of the biggest complaints of Dead Rising 4: its lack of difficulty. Of course, in the original Dead Rising games, I could die at least four times against just one psychopath, whereas, in Dead Rising 4, I never died once to a "maniac."

In fairness, Dead Rising 4 did add harder difficulties based on community feedback, but even looked at in the most favorable light, that hasn't quite born fruits just yet.

And, as this infographic shows, people had no problem killing zombies. Despite only dying 4 times (4.5 times, in fairness), each player was able to kill an average of 8,704 zombies. That's more than 2,000 zombies killed without dying.

I'd be surprised if there was 2,000 zombies total in the original Dead Rising, so they were clearly a lot more lethal. Perhaps the most depressing stat? It seems people died just about as often as they took selfies …