The People Speak: April Fools Nostalgia

This week there was a lot of discussion in the Game Revolution community. While most of it was focused on post-launch fallout from Mass Effect: Andromeda's controversial release and Persona 5's long-awaited debut, there was also some magic to be found on April Fools day.

This year we published fake patch notes for Overwatch that hit the front page of Google on April Fools day resulting in tens of thousands of visits. The comedic piece noted several fake but remarkable changes, including the removal of Roadhog's Chain Hook, and Bastion's god mode.

We also changed the cover panel to include some of our oldest reviews, including those written for the legendary Final Fantasy VII and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time back in 1998.

We had a lot of fun this week. Below you will find a mixture of the most popular comments on Game Revolution during the past seven days.


Article: April Fools 2017 Strikes Early With Final Fantasy Tactics Alexander Announcement

Comment: Square Enix: Hey Final Fantasy fans, we know how you love tactics, and we know how you love A Realm Reborn, so without further ado, here is something that demonstrates we aren't completely out of touch with what our fans want: TACTICS ALEXANDER.

Hahahaha April Fools! We're NEVER finishing Final Fantasy XV's story. Enjoy your noodles.​​

God Emperor ​Ivory_Soul

Article: April 2017 Release Calendar: Buy, Try, Die

Comment: It looks like a decent month. I loved BulletStorm back in the day and am looking forward to this, but not for $60. Outlast 2 is my game for this month. I'll keep an eye on Ghost Warrior 3 as the first two were decent, just forgettable.

I hope Syberia 3 does well as it's a dying genre and needs to stay alive. Drawn to Death is iffy, David Jaffe made two good games in his whole career: Twisted Metal and God of War. He's dried up.

Dawn of War III is another biggy for PC gamers. I LOVED the first Dawn of War game and hope it stays away from the BS Dawn of War II was.​


Article: The Nintendo Switch Costs More To Manufacture Than You Might Think

Comment: ​i really hope they do well. Nintendo was such a huge part of my childhood, i cant help but cheer them on!


Article: Aonuma Says Open World Is The New Standard For Zelda, But He Also Said That About Motion Controls

Comment: It could be excitement at the results. For all its flaws, Twilight Princess is proof that motion controls aren't an untenable idea and don't need to be a cheap gimmick-driven dead letter design.

Likewise here. Everything I've heard strongly suggests that Nintendo have solved a vast number of problems open world games have had since the days of Arena. Having pulled that off Aonuma is most likely interested in where to take the idea next. That's also the other possibility – perhaps Aonuma is the sort who takes stock of things where they are after the most recent project is completed and builds his early concepts for the next thing around how to take the present and move it into the future.​


Article: BioWare Is Tackling Mass Effect: Andromeda's Animations And Slow Travel In This Week's Update

Comment: ​High quality support can take a good game with some flaws and turn it into a great game. See The Witcher 3 – it's a far more polished game now than at release.


Article: For Honor Boycott Pushes Ubisoft To Buff Steel Income

Comment: If you don't like the business model of a certain title don't buy it. I wish I was in a gaming community that didn't act like a bunch of cry babies over every little issue. Stop buying games you know will have Microtransactions if you don't like them. The lack of sales will speak volumes over the constant mantra of whining.

The problem is talk is cheap. Even with this situation chances are many of these disgruntled gamers may just go back to playing the game or may start playing a different game. This will be swept under the rug and forgotten.

While not mentioning the boycott directly, Ubisoft announced surprise "maintenance" this morning that dramatically increases the amount of Steel players earn from playing games and completing orders, such that the idea of a boycott is in flux mere hours after the idea took off.

Now granted this could have been a coincidence. I am not that familiar with the issues but This may have been triggered by other things and not people complaining. Unless Ubisoft comes out and says this is specifically a response to the "demands" we won't know for sure.​


Article: Remembering Mad Catz: Our Favorite Mad Catz Accessories

Comment: ​Mad Catz: the controller of little brothers everywhere


Article: The Pros And Cons Of Launching Nintendo Switch In March

Comment: I get a feeling this product was rushed as hell. Antenna on left joycon is poorly placed so hand can obscure it and create poor connection, not to mention the poor structural integrity and heat from normal use can melt the thing.

It indicates that the proper stress testing was skipped entirely, since everyday use can heavily damage it.

Sure, they'll soon have a new model out that has these problems eliminated, probably. But when they do, they should replace every model sold right now. Because sooner or later, one of these problems is going to ruin the experience for every owner. And it shouldn't have happened in the first place.​

Nanotroll 2

Article: The Future Of Fancy Graphics On Switch Is Brighter Than You Think

Comment: ​Graphics isn't the issue. They barely even mention graphics anymore in most reviews. Games now pretty much all have HD graphics – or they take a different road and have stylized graphics.

The biggest issue is GAMEPLAY and REPLAY VALUE.

I could play CHESS over and over and over again FOREVER and the graphics are basic Brown and Tan.


The question is: will you have more to offer than just pretty open-world versions of sequels we've played a billion times?


Article: Tell GR: How Much Will Project Scorpio Cost?

Comment: ​If it's more than $500, I would definitely skip it day 1. But I'm trying to talk myself out of it at any price. As a graphics nerd, if they kept the focus on 1080p and just upped the power 4x, then I'd consider it for the amazing new visuals we'd probably get. But I don't have a 4k TV yet, so I don't care too much about the small benefits it will give me for my 1080p TV.