Here Is Every New Skin From The Overwatch Uprising Event

Yesterday, the cat came out of the bag thanks to PlayStation France's YouTube account, which posted an unlisted trailer for the Overwatch Uprising (called insurrection over seas) event.

The trailer showed off several new skins, including a tease for an evil Orisa skin, it didn't tell us the whole story. Below, you will find every Overwatch Uprising event skin, with their names and rarities. Time to collect those coins!

Torbjorn made out like a bandit, with two legendary skins, and Widowmaker and Genji finally got some love with a pair of legendary skins of their own. We are likely to hear complaints shortly about the decision to make Mercy, Torbjorn and Tracer's event skins Legendary, when Reinhardt's (which is essentially the same) is only Epic. Keep a look out.