G2A Spars With Game Developers At Reboot Develop: Here Are The Biggest Moments

After G2A rep Mario Mirek was controversially invited to speak at Reboot Develop, it seems game developers weren't merely going to look the other way. G2A's panel was, perhaps unsurprisingly, packed with game developers who wanted to ask tough questions.

Voices were raised, questions were interrupted and there were also a few indignant belly laughs on both sides, as developers tried to nail down Mirek on one accusation or another.

You can watch the full interview in the video above. It takes place between around the 4-minute mark and the 43-minute mark. Here are the biggest, most contentious moments from G2A's panel at Reboot develop.

"40% Women" Gaffe

When asked why it takes so long to change and respond to feedback, Mirek said "G2A is a 750-person company, and I'm happy to announce that 40% of those are women, mostly women gamers, so change is going to take a while."

Of course, Mirek was trying to say that the company isn't large enough to deal with feedback with as much haste – he wasn't trying to say that the amount of women G2A employs is the reason they move slowly, but that is certainly what it sounded like, and that's how Gaffes are made.

Question on G2A Shield Gets Raucous Applause

During the audience question segment, one member asked why unsubscribing from G2A Shield is so difficult, a process that includes waiting lengthy amounts of time for emails, entering your payment information multiple times, etcetera. Before Mirek could even answer the question, the asker got a brief round of furious applause from several members of the audience.

Changes To G2A Shield Won't Come This Year

When Mirek responded to the question on G2A Shield, saying they are working on these changes, one developer tried to nail down Mirek about at timeline. Mirek's response wasn't reassuring for people who have a problem with the system.

"It will not be changed within the year, but it will change," Mirek said. When pressed further, he simply said "Again, we're going to change it."

Hands Up If …

The interviewer took a moment to ask the room how many people had purchased a key from G2A, with five or six people raising their hands. He then asked for a show of hands for developers who have been notified that a fraudulently purchased key had been sold on G2A, to which a great deal of the audience responded affirmatively.

At this point, Mirek became noticeably agitated, raising his voice, saying "Guys, I appreciate it, but you can continue to ignore information and perpetuate what you've heard, or you can actually look into those numbers and find out if there is anything out there."

Mike Bithell Takes the Mic

Indie developer Mike Bithell was given the chance to ask a question, and it regarded the G2A Direct, the program where developers can opt to work with G2A to help avoid fraud and get a profit-share of keys sold.

"You ask us to put in time and energy to help detect fraud in your system in exchange for 10%. What is G2A doing to earn the 90%?" Bithell asked.

"We have people working marketing" Mirek began before being interrupted by a gut laugh from Bithell.

"Marketing, really? Is that all?" Bithell interrupted.

"No," Mirek said. "We also have IT and security," Mirek added.

"Good job," Bithell said, sarcastically.