Ghost Recon Wildlands Players Find A Llama Motorcycle With Rainbow Farts In Narco Roads DLC, And They Hate It

Ghost Recon Wildlands had its first real misstep earlier this week with the launch of their long-awaited Narco Roads DLC. I certainly didn't like it, and I guess the fans didn't like it either. Suffice it to say, their tolerance level for cheeky, fluffy content has been significantly lowered, so when someone posted on the Ubisoft Forums a video of them stumbling upon an Alpaca-themed Dirt Bike, they were not having it.

"Really hope this is a fake one!" one user wrote. "I hope to god in heaven this is fake. Please be fake, it has to be…" another user wrote.

I'm sorry to have to report this, but it's real, and it's even worse: Called "Lorenzo Bike," the Llama Motorcycle farts out rainbow fire when you engage the nitro. I went looking for it, and I found it. Here are the screenshots:

In the base game, I could see this going over just fine. After all, it's a cutesy Easter Egg that probably took a developer an insignificant amount of time in the grand scheme of things. But, because this is in Narco Road, a DLC pack that people already think Ubisoft didn't develop seriously enough (with neon monster trucks and Twitter followers), players' ire has been amplified.

"Yes, this seems to be the style. Destroying the entire concept of the game to make it more like Saints Row," on forum user wrote.

"Terrible DLC. Devs should be ashamed for putting out such crap. This is a tactical shooter not Just Cause or GTA," another chided.

Again, these reactions are perhaps blown a little bit out of proportion, but it's also amplified by the fact that the developers have given little response to players' concerns regarding Narco Road.

A community representative responded to one Forum thread asking Ubisoft to "rethink the DLC," saying only "Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this guys, we appreciate the feedback."