Creepy Reversed Audio Easter Egg Found In Outlast 2’s Catholic School

As was shown in Outlast 2's teaser trailer last year, Red Barrels loves to play with reversed audio. That penchant was put to good use once more during the actual game.

Throughout Outlast 2, you will have to record certain events to get 100 percent completion. Once you record those events, you can play them back with narration by Blake. But, when you record events in the surreal Catholic School segments, their playback will just be static with echoing garbled audio.

On a hunch, GameRevolution reversed that audio, and transposed it onto the corresponding recordings. While we don't have everything down just yet, there are a few very clear words, phrases and sentences, and we have transcribed those below. Keep in mind, these may contain some contextual spoilers for Outlast 2.

[Spoiler Alert: Details below reveal story elements of Outlast 2.]

Jessica's Suicide Note (After Blake talks): "Dear Lord, sweet Jesus, forgive my sins (inaudible) gratitude. Thank you God for killing the child."

Hanged Jessica: "You remove the temptation of the flesh (inaudible) was able to resist."

A Game of Hangman: "I'm weak. But you are strong. Be generous. Give me life. Give me talent."

Ruptures: "Share my bliss with the children. (Inaudible) to glory)."

Roots and branches: "(Inaudible) those things everyone else already knows, but doesn't talk about.

They're all going to laugh at you: "She was so ripe with possibility. So resilient. Slut. Flirty. (Inaudible)."

Pulse: "You killed her. You saw what she was. (Inaudible) .. on my own. You took her. I could not."

I Have Lots of Friends: "You killed her. I never told a soul. I kept your secret. Our secret. Thank you. Thank you. (Inaudible).

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