The People Speak: A New Revolution Is Coming

As you might have seen, we recently teased the upcoming rebranding for our website, which will be part of a relaunch in May. It's coming soon, so hold on to your seats.

There was plenty to talk about in the world of gaming this week with an avalanche of new releases, including Outlast 2, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and more. We made sure to play these games and write reviews ahead of release to make sure you know what we think before you buy them.

As a quick note, if you would like to be featured in a future The People Speak, make sure your comments are free of foul language. We choose the top 10 comments for a week based on detail, upvotes, and/or humor, but they must also be clear of any curse words.

This week's top 10 comments can be read below.


​Article: May 2017

Comment: I've been an avid reader for 19 of those 21 years… Well actually in the beginning it was the awesome library of cheat codes that brought me here as a kid. As a 12 yr old this site was pure gold for that reason, now as a 31 yr old I thoroughly enjoy GR's insight on the industry as a whole and the objectivity when it comes to reviews. You can be damn sure when I'm considering buying a game, I come here first to see if there's a review up or any news regarding that game.​


Article: Watch: Counter-Strike Player Destroys Enemies Using Steering Wheel And Overpowered Negev

Comment: Is he russian, speaking english playing CSGO in…Japanese?

Also, who is he playing that he can just sit there a shoot/miss so much? Everytime I play CSGO I nearly instantly die anytime I see someone.​


​Article: Randy Pitchford Suggests Call Of Duty WWII Art Was Stolen From Brothers In Arms

Comment: I'd like to stay calm and point to how the similarities between these sets of images is superficial and related more by subject matter than composition, framing, lighting or context. I could do that. I won't.

I've expended enough rage hating the morally bankrupt little upjumped busker Pitchford. I'll just ask the following question, that each reader may discover an answer for themselves:

At what point is hypocrisy allowed to be so utterly, completely, rank that a man whose company has been embroiled in multiple major scandals is given leave to grandstand in public? At what point did utter vacuous shamelessness become excusable? Whether his pretenses to 'feminism' that he wears while covering up an employee luring someone into sex under false pretenses (that's rape in most statute books, by the way) or his left-wing 'but it's not fair that Gabe Newell has more money than I do!' bullshit half-assed political posturing all the while using lawfare to force small publishers like Devolver to surrender their property, embezzling tens of millions of dollars and siphoning it to pet projects, tossing mountains of 2K's cash into a burning pit called Battleborn, or in this case, whining about (non) plagiarism when his company has a well-established and thoroughly documented history of copyright infringement to consider, there isn't a single such public statement Pitchford has made ever since someone made the unfortunate mistake of recording his logorrhea that wasn't either a lie, a self-serving posture, or both. Calling him a hypocrite is almost a compliment. It implies he has real convictions in some sense and is failing to hold himself to them.


Article: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Review

Comment: I'm a little embarrassed to say that I'm buying this game again. Mario Kart is one of the few games that even my friends who don't play video games love to play. It was great then, and it will be great now.

I'm also excited to play this game on the go.​


Article: Tell GR: What Is Your Go-To Game?

Comment: ​Honestly? Minecraft.

That's seriously the game I can just pick up, play and kill time. Bugger all loading times, no tutorials, no cut scenes, no lag, no looking for matches to play against people… just pick up and play. I am a simple man.

At the moment, I'm going back to playing the original Fallout and Fallout 2. I've finished both games so many times, that I'm going through them again with a character editor (cheating the shit out of the game).

It's funny. I have Mass Effect: Andromeda, was playing it, it was okay, but I can't motivate myself to continue playing it. I feel very "meh" about the game, and I'm strangely just enjoying older games I used to play. Bloody hell, I feel like playing the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer again.


Article: Code Vein Is A Newly Announced Vampire Action RPG Coming In 2018

Comment: ***Vampire RPG***

Finally, a worthy successor to VTM: Bloodlines!

***Vampire ACTION RPG***

Finally, a worthy successor to… Legacy of Kain?

***Vampire ANIME ACTION RPG***





Article: Dragon Quest Heroes II Review

Comment: "…finely crafted to be as annoying as possible."

Classic Dragon Quest.​


Article: What Are You Playing? April 20th, 2017

Comment: ​Beat Mass Effect Andromeda single player now getting into the multiplayer with my cuz. No games on the horizon really have me interested…not sure when South Park is coming out.

If I get bored with ME was thinking of picking up Ghost Recon Wildlands when the price drops or getting back into Final Fantasy XV – I don't know how I feel about it – possibly spent too much time grinding on side missions and kind of burned out AND like ME better so now I am spoiled.

Also need to visit the backlog and play Alien Isolation.


Article: Puyo Puyo Tetris Review

Comment: ​You know the first thing I think of when I hear "Tetris?"



Article: CS:GO Community Shows Support To Unban "Swag" Following Incredible Performance At CS Summit

Comment: I have to agree with the general consensus. Serious lapses should have serious consequences. I can't claim to understand exactly what happened here, since I don't follow e-sports at all, but match fixing in any type of competitive scene is definitely some major ****ery. Valve shouldn't give any kind of mixed messages about whether or not they condone that.​