Watch: When Played By Professionals Dishonored 2 Is Astonishing

With the other leg of Arkane Studios releasing Prey next week, they're going to have big shoes to fill after last year's Dishonored 2 by their sister studio. When it comes to non-competitive high-level play, Dishonored 2 remains one of the coolest games to marvel at.

It's a showcase for a few different parties. Of course, player skill is a huge part of it. This kind of precision and timing, practiced or not, needs to be applauded. This particular video, though not the first of its kind, is by YouTuber StealthGamerBR, and his Dishonored 2 videos show just how much you can do to creatively kill people in the game.

Pulling off these kinds of incredible feats on PC can require Starcraft-level APM to be able to rapidly and precisely switch to and from desired skills and weapons, using the full range of your numbers available. Because of this, it's also a showcase for the PC as a platform with more potential for amazing plays. You can't pull off these kinds of feats without the precision the mouse and keyboard offer the player, and it's good to see a game designed with that in mind.

This is also a showcase for the level design of Dishonored 2. Something we praised in our review of Arkane Studios' latest title, their imagination is second to none, and the only reason these videos are possible is because the developers crafted sandboxes full of possibilities. Not only is it a play-your-way title in terms of stealth vs. action, it's a play-your-way title in the very simplest way of deciding where and when you can go.

As StealthGamerBR shows, you can enter buildings from the roof, second floor, ground floor, windows, – Dishonored 2 is not a game that nudges you in any particular direction in that regard.

Few other games rival the awe Dishonored 2 can create when high-level players get their hands on the title. With competitive games, sure, but even in non-competitive games that cater well to high-level play, the experience isn't quite the same. I think of a game I enjoy to scratch this itch being any of the Arkham titles, especially when it comes to climbing the leaderboards on Challenge Map scores. It's fun to watch and to play, but you're so restricted because it's not a huge open sandbox that you can approach in any way.

Arkane Studios knows it's created this sort of haven for high-level play, also. StealthGamerBR and several other YouTubers have been featured in Bethesda's Super Plays series, where they show off their crazy highlights.

Nothing against Prey, but I'm not sure it will be challenging Dishonored 2 on this front, at least.