The People Speak: Animal Activists Gone Wild

There were a lot of fun topics to discuss this week, a couple of which were related animal activist groups including PETA. There were plenty of humorous comments to choose from, to say the least.

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For now, let's look at 10 of the best comments from this week on GameRevolution.


Article: Tekken 7 Cut Kangaroo Fighter Roger Due To Animal Activist Pressures

Comment: Kangaroos are *pests*. Ask almost anyone in Australia. They are massively over-populated and cause huge amounts of damage to both their own natural habitat and private property. They're also rather aggressive, which makes them a pretty big danger when they intrude on human-space as they invariably do.

Punch those jerks all you want, I say.​​


Article: PETA Denounces Nintendo's Partnership With McDonalds, Says They Should Stick To Video Games

Comment: ​PETA should stick to pretending to care about animals, instead of abducting people's pets off their lawns and then murdering them.


Article: Have You Ever Role-Played In A Game?

Comment: ​I have lead a role-play guild in WoW for years, though not anymore. I'm active member of another, every Wednesday night is roleplay night, though sudden RP happens all the time. In most RPGs, I roleplay, whether MP or SP. Even when alone, I manage too, though I usually relegate the stuff to my head in single-player.

So yes, all the time. In fact, we're preparing to start a tabletop RPG game via roll20. We aren't sure of the setting yet, either Mutant Chronicles or a Mecha RPG.


Article: From Alien Isolation to Outlast 2, Complaining About Dying In Horror Games Is Getting Old

Comment: ​Great article. Complaints about the game being "trial and error" are ridiculous. I'm an average player at best and never once got overly frustrated as my ego isn't invested in whether my character dies now and then. Reading all the whining online I realized I actually didn't do bad at all. I could use the stealth mechanics and survive chases because I tried to use my wits and the tools the game gave me. I didn't look for it to serve success on a plate. This game and Alien are classics.


Article: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Is The Biggest Game This Year You Probably Haven't Heard Of

Comment: 100 players drop onto an island. When you die you are out of the game, queue up and try again.

As time passes the borders of the map close until the survivors are forced into close quarters with each other. It's brilliant and stressful, a buddy and I were scavenging for bullets in an abandoned house. I went downstairs and chewed him out for leaving the door open (which might as well be a flashing beacon to other players that there are people in the house), he tells me he didn't leave it open. Flash grenade goes off and we are dead in a hail of bullets. So good.​


Article: In Theory, PlayStation 5 In 2018 Is A Great Idea

Comment: ​I would not support a PS5 anytime soon. I had a PS4, and I upgraded to the Pro model. I even dropped in an old 1TB SSD to speed things up a bit. But, honestly, I barely touch the thing. Not counting PSN free stuff, I've got less than ten games for it, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I only own it for the exclusives, and I really don't see very much on the horizon that interests me.


Article: Luigi's Death Stare Is Making A Comeback With Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Comment: ​His death stare is the sole reason I play as Luigi.


Article: Breath Of The Wild's First DLC Is Called The Master Trials, Will Include 45 New Trials, Hard Mode And More

Comment: ​The "45 new trials" is misleading to non-players of the series, sounds considerable, but in reality it's only 45 waves right?

Path mode and teleport node are cool, but they've been done before. Most recently Let It Die tracked your every move on each floor, including item pickups, enemies slain, and even armor destruction/equipment changes.

And here I was thinking the Nier Automata DLC was a bit overpriced… supposed to drop today (May 2), anybody going to get it day one? I'm thinking maybe waiting a few days to a week for some vids/review to pop up first.


Article: Diablo 3 Necromancer Impressions: A Spectacular Summoner Of The Dead

Comment: ​They are not evil, in Diablo lore true Necromancers (Priests of Rathma) were above corruption and temptation (unlike even the Zakarum church).

"Although their art is considered "dark," and the people of the outside world shun the priests who practice these arts, these mysterious cultists never suffered the epidemic of corruption that plagued the ancient Mage Clans.They will accept any spellwork provided it does not cause its user to become corrupted.Pragmatists in the truest sense, they are above temptation. They see death merely as a natural part of life and do not seek to deny its arrival. Their singular knowledge of the unknown allows them to face death without fear. These ideals, coupled with an understanding of the natural balance between Order and Chaos, explain why they have not fallen prey to the influences of evil.

The priesthood resents any force that would treat humanity as part of a cosmic game. They are willing to ally with the forces of Order, but only to the point of restoring the Balance."

They are guardians that maintain the balance, following Trag'Oul teachings; they are the "good guys" ( remember that angels and demons want to use and destroy humanity).


Article: What Are You Playing? April 27th, 2017

Comment: ​Since I finished up with Nier: Automata (not really, I still have stuff to do there but I am waiting for DLC to drop on 2nd of May), I've been playing a variety of games.

For starters, Heroes of the Storm because of the 2.0 update. With it came the Prime Evil Diablo skin… which I desperately want but which is also a bitch to obtain. I can only either get it from a random chest or gather 1600 shards which I can only get from chests… as of now I have only gotten 60 shards. Long way to go.

Also, when I get sick of HotS, I play Hearthstone. All my decks are super-weak. With the exception of Shaman deck which I named "Thrall's Balls". It's either weak and I lose. Or it's OP as heck. So depending on the order I get cards, I ether get all the bad ones and can't play anything, or I get to summon a bunch of minions and buff them to 10+ attack each and give some of them windfury and kill the opponent in a single turn. Such fun! I mostly get bad hand though…