Prey Launch Hub: Features And Guides

11 years have passed since the original Prey. Now, it's prepared to enter a new generation.

Prey is without a doubt the biggest game of May 2017. You might be wondering if it's a game you should invest in, or maybe you already have it and are looking for some guides to help you maximize your journey. In either case, we have a list of content that you should find appealing.

Below you will find all our coverage for Prey. Note that we will be adding to this hub as we continue to play through the title and write content.


Prey Impressions: A Bite-Sized Sample Of Space Aliens

  • We've been playing Prey for more than a dozen hours. While our review isn't quite ready, here is the second best thing: our impressions.

Everything You Need To Know About Prey

  • In this concise feature you can learn everything you need to know about this new game before you play it.

A War Between Devs Who Don't Want To Make Game Demos And Steam's Refunds Is Brewing

  • Arkane Studios recently explained why there is no PC demo, and the reason could prompt a redesign of Steam's refund policy.

Prey's Mimic Matter Is the Most Ridiculous Stealth Ability Since The Cardboard Box

  • In this feature we focus on one of Prey's most iconic abilities, and why it's a bit ridiculous.

Prey Bends the Mind and Captivates the Soul

  • Here's a good look at what it's like to play Prey, with explanations for its fundamental gameplay elements and more.


All Safe Codes

  • We have the most comprehensive compilation of safe codes on the entire internet. Make sure you grab every piece of treasure with this list of codes.

All Door Codes

  • Here's a similar guide, this time focusing on door codes.

Where To Find The Shotgun

  • The shotgun is one of the best weapons for dealing with enemies close range. Here's where you can find it.

Where To Find The Huntress Boltcaster

  • This weapon is tactical and fun-to-use. You'll want it in your arsenal, and here's where you can find it.

Where To Find The Psychoscope

  • This neat item allows you to scan for Aliens. It's probably overpowered, but don't tell anyone.

Where To Find The Neuromod Fabrication Plan Fast

  • Early in the game you'll be made aware of a Neuromod plan. Sadly, it's very difficult to find. That's what this guide is for.

How To Find the Hidden Safe In The Trauma Center

  • This safe will reward you with a Transcribe and three Neuromods. Here's where to find it early in your adventure.


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