5 Tips I Wish I Knew before Starting Prey

Prey has finally released, and, much like the aliens that lurk around Talos I, this mega-space-station has a lot of secretes wrapped within it, and we’re here to help you navigate them all.

It’s the type of game where you can go anywhere and do anything at any time, which makes it all the more dangerous. Before you find yourself unprepared and under-equipped, have a look at these five tips to help you avert the eradication of mankind.

1. Always Look For Alternate Paths

Although this doesn’t apply for every situation, there is usually an alternate path around locked doors or other obstacles. Perhaps the best example of this is the Security Office in the Talos I Lobby. Many people will have you search for the keycard, which will take you into a nearby room with two difficult alien enemies in it at the same time.

Rather than throw yourself into that, you can simply climb the pipes that are next to the Security Office door. This will lead you to a path above the office that lets you drop down into it. In this office, you will get a shotgun and other valuable items that make dealing with those two enemies a lot easier. Always look for an easier route, and you can avoid facing enemies before you’re ready.

2. Find The Security Station

Each area in Talos I has a Security Booth with a computer inside of it. You may not always be able to access it immediately, as you may need to hack into it or find a keycard, but it’s important that you do.

For one, Security Stations often have weapons and ammo inside them. This could be something as great as a shotgun or simple as a silenced 9mm pistol, but it’s going to help you out.

More importantly, the computer inside the Security Station will let you download a map of the area. That way, you’ll no long go into areas blindly. They will also contain emails that could lead to side quests and the approximate location of every Talos I staff member, living or dead, which can be very valuable information if a quest needs you to find a certain person.

3. Eat Food Before Using A Medkit

Medkits are a rare commodity in Prey, and it’s easy to burn right through them. That’s why you should always eat any food you have first. Food only heals for 5 points, whereas Medkits heal for at least 30, but you can use both of them from the pause menu, so it just requires a few more button presses.

More than that, even one food item that heals for 5 points takes up a valuable inventory space that you’d rather use for other items. Eat the food first, and you’ll not only save a medkit, but you’ll make room for better loot.

4. Some Fire Alarms Are Actually Hidden Safes

There are several red fire alarms throughout Prey, but some of them are used for more than just emergencies. A select few of these fire alarms are actually safes that contain all sorts of valuable items, including Neuromods used for unlocking abilities.

If you hit a fire alarm three times with a wrench, it might open to reveal that it is a safe. But, before you go hitting every fire alarm you see just in case, there’s a foolproof method to spot the safes. Just look for the red light above the fire alarm. If there is a red light, it is a safe. No red light? Not a safe.

This will help you get a lot of free and easy items that don’t require a code or any other work around. Just your eyes and a wrench.

5. Be Careful About Exploring

Talos I is essentially a large open-world sandbox. This means you can go anywhere at any time so long as you have the appropriate keycards and access codes. So, rather than follow the main objectives, you can go about whatever other business you so choose, but this freedom often comes at a cost.

For one, you can miss valuable items. You won’t gain access to the item that lets you scan alien enemies and unlock alien abilities (such as Mimic Matter), until you complete the third main story mission. If you got too hell-bent on side quests or random exploration, you could find yourself 10 hours into the game without this item.

Also, you’ll run into harder enemies. Prey’s main objectives do a good job at scaling the enemies you run into. If you want to go to other areas out of order, you will also face those enemies out of order. As long as you’re confident in your abilities and arsenal, explore away. Until that time, you may find yourself outmatched if you go too far astray.

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