Tell GR: What Obscure Game Did You Enjoy As A Kid?

In the 80's and 90's it wasn't easy to tell if the video game you were buying was going to be great or disappointing. Many consumers relied on magazines to educate themselves, although in most cases whatever game had the most attractive box art is what people would walk home with.

In 1993 my parents bought me a copy of Lenny's Music Toons. This bizarre PC musical adventure starred Lenny the Penguin, a relaxed fellow who enjoyed watching TV and playing mini-games.

As a piece of "educational software" it was rudimentary and notably a low budget production. However, for one reason or another I liked it, enough that I would spend dozens of hours playing it.

As with many games I played during my younger years, I forgot about it until recently. After watching some footage on YouTube I fell into a nostalgic streak, and began researching other games I played growing up. Although I would soon remember others, Lenny's Music Toons is the one I consider the most obscure.

What about you? What obscure game did you enjoy as a kid? Let us know in the comments below.

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