Tell GR: What’s Your Favorite Rockstar Games Title?

For nearly 20 years Rockstar Games has been creating virtual worlds. Starting with Grand Theft Auto and later moving into Smuggler's Run, Midnight Club, Bully, Red Dead, and even Manhunt, it didn't take long for it to earn fame and fortune.

I was first exposed to Rockstar Games' works with Grand Theft Auto 2. At the time it was much more rudimentary than what the series expresses today, with a top-down view and incredible simplicity. Even then, you could tell there was something special about its developer, whether it be its tight gameplay and sprawling open-world design, or its willingness to push the limits of ESRB ratings with violence and sex.

It wouldn't be until several years later when I played Grand Theft Auto 3 that I would build an affinity for the company. At the time, it was a profound game that demonstrated 3D open-world freedom better than anything else on the market. It somehow did this without large post-launch updates or

many games to take inspiration from.

Although I would later hold Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto V to high regard, nothing from Rockstar Games has quite made the same impression on me as Grand Theft Auto III, to a point where I consider it one of my top five favorite games of all-time.

What's your favorite Rockstar Games title? Let us know in the comments below.


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