GTA Online’s Biggest DLC Ever Is Coming in June: The Gunrunning Update

Fans of GTA Online have been spoiled by a steady stream of free DLC for three years now. However, they have been a tad rowdy in 2017, such content being scarce thus far. Rockstar Games is about to make up for that with the biggest DLC for the year rolling out sometime in June.

Gunrunning is the name of the update and also the primary activity it adds to the game. Rockstar recently revealed the first details about the content contained in this update, including a handful of screenshots which have been helpful in deducing even more information about it.

Gunrunning was briefly teased months ago alongside the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit DLC which has been released since, albeit barely any details were provided at that time. All we knew was that a new game mechanic will add illegal arms trading and a host of new weaponized vehicles will also be added to GTA Online.

After a whole lot of speculation and droves of fan-made wish lists, we’ve finally caught a glimpse of what the developers meant by weaponized vehicles. Gamers have been debating whether these rides will be entirely new vehicles or existing cars in GTA Online already tricked out with armor and guns. As it turns out, both predictions are correct.

The weaponized Tampa, an armored variant of the fan favorite muscle car equipped with a turret, was shown off. Based on the shown images, players will be able to customize the armament of the turret attachment, with a minigun being a clear option. One of the new vehicles revealed is the APC, a staple of military vehicles often seen in popular fiction. This too is customizable, with either a standard tank turret, or a rather intimidating six-missile launch rack. This latter weapon is bound to be a nightmare for the jet griefers that GTA Online is notorious for. We also catch a hint of a turreted M16 Halftrack (Thanks, Niels) Humvee, but the vehicle is blurry and out of focus in the sole image it appears in.

Teased in text only is what might be the most interesting vehicle of the lot. The DLC will add “massive tactical, full-service Mobile Operation Centers”, which sound like the kind of thing a Bond villain would drive. Based on movies and games, the only thing we can think of in this case is a large plane, like the Titan in the game already, with a military HQ set up inside, or maybe a heavily armored semi-truck with the HQ operating out of the trailer. We’re very eager to find out just what kind of monstrosity Rockstar has dreamed up, but also sure it’s going to be expensive.

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We also now know what kinds of special mission-specific properties there will be to blow millions on come June. Joining the line behind CEO Offices and MC Clubhouses will be bunkers that serve as the base of operations for your personal militia. It is here that you will stockpile goods, in a similar way to the warehouses from the previous DLCs, to then sell later in specialized missions. Based on this, the actual gunrunning mechanic will be similar to CEO work, though the way it’s described, with the development of new tech mentioned, colors it with a bit of Bikers Businesses. So it might be a mix of the two systems.

These bunkers will likely be upgradable much like current properties in the game and will be necessary to initiate any kind of gunrunning missions. This is where your weaponized vehicles will reside as well, as per the special vehicles from the Import/Export DLC. They will also have fully interactive interiors including shooting ranges for you to practice at. Though not stated outright, the DLC will also be adding new customization options for your character, as evidenced by the new outfit. Military themed clothing has been sparse in GTA Online, and these new additions will likely please a large chunk of players who are enthusiastic about the niche.

New attachments are a safe bet. Past updates usually gave us a wider variety of vehicles, not just those that fit the theme outright, so we might be looking at some new civilian cars alongside the weaponized vehicles. Knowing Rockstar, they’ll also sneak in some wacky Adversary Mode as well, like they usually do.

We don’t have a specific release date, but GTA Online DLC is always released on a Tuesday, and most fans suspect it to arrive on the 6th of June. In the meantime, Rockstar has added some timed double reward promotions on some missions to help you grind up the cash you’ll need when the DLC is released.

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