Gaming PC of the Month: WallyWest’s White Zenith Gaming Build

[Editor’s Note: Gaming PC of the Month is a revival of last year’s Gaming PC of the Week, a recurring feature where we spotlight a PC build from a member of the community.]

This month we have a special new PC build to share with you. We spoke with Frederic, a PC gaming enthusiast hailing from New Brunswick, Canada. He recently spent over three months putting together his “White Zenith” build, which is composed of top-shelf liquid cooling and a sleek two-toned color scheme that speaks for itself.

GameRevolution: How long have you been building PCs? How did you get started?

Frederic: I started building PCs in 2012 because I had an old PC with an AMD Athlon 3200+. My first build had an Intel i5 2500K with a GTX 560 Ti. I looked at a lot of prebuild at the beginning, but I chose to build it instead because it looks easy enough and I had the feeling the community was friendly and helpful—it was. Since 2012, I’ve made almost 20 PC’s for myself, friends and family members.

GR: What are the specs of your new PC?

F: Featured in PC Part Picker’s April edition of completed builds, as seen here.

Case: InWin 303 White

CPU: Ryzen 1700

Mobo: Asus Crosshair VI Hero

GPU: MSI R9 290X

RAM: Crucial Balistix Sport LT – 2400MHz

Storage #1: Samsung SM961 256GB

Storage #2: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB

Storage #3: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB

PSU: Seasonic Prime 850W Titanium

Displays: BenQ – XL2730Z 27.0″ 2560×1440 144Hz Monitor

Reservoir: Heatkiller 150DDC

Fan: Corsair ML120 & ML140

RAD: 360mm Darkside LP360

RAD: AlphaCool NexXxos 420mm ST30

CPU Block: EKWB Supremacy Evo


Cablemod Magnetic RGB

Cablemod Custom Cable

Coolant: Mayhem Red Pastel

GR: How did you decide which components to purchase?

F: I’m always looking at deals online, when I found a great sale with a good performance/price ratio, I’m usually buying it if it’s an upgrade. I’m reading a lot of reviews to be sure it will fit my needs. For this build, I always wanted to try an Asus motherboard, so I bought the Asus X370 motherboard available right now. Also, it’s not always the prettiest product the pricier. Just look at my case, for example, it’s by far the best case I bought so far and it’s also the 2nd cheapest one I bought for my personal build.

GR: What is your favorite part of your PC setup?

F: It’s hard to say, the way I built it was to make everything look good to my taste. I really like the Heatkiller reservoir and the InWin 303. the quality/price ratio is amazing for both of them. I feel it’s unjust to only name one product because they are all amazing parts, but if I have to name one product, I would say the Ryzen 7 1700, the fact that AMD can offer an 8 core at a third of the price of Intel’s current offering is amazing.

GR: What was the first game you played to test your new hardware? Have you run benchmarks?

F: I played Mass Effect Andromeda, but I didn’t like the game at all. It feels off compared to the old trilogy. I did a couple of benchmarks versus my old i7 6700k that I gave to my girlfriend.

GR: What is your most anticipated PC game?

F: Injustice 2, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, and probably Destiny 2.

GR: What are some things you enjoy doing on your PC outside of gaming?

F: Watching movies, photography and building it.

Thank you Frederic for sharing your PC with us! You can follow Frederic on Twitter here.

Next month we will have another high-end PC for you to feast your eyes on. See you then.