Switch Cartridges May Taste Bad, but Exhaust from Its Fan Smells Good

In an age where Reddit and gaming forums such as NeoGAF or our own forums at GameRevolution decide the public discourse as much as any publisher or PR firm can ever hope to, it can be pretty difficult to identify video game trends that will or won’t go viral. The Nintendo Switch in particular has been a unique beast, from its bitter-tasting cartridges, to reports of warped or melted consoles, or the latest, the sweet aromas that emanate from its exhaust vent.

We covered the Switch cartridge-licking debacle back when it was hot, even acquiring an animated map of the USA demonstrating exactly when folks decided it was most prudent to tweet about their Switch-licking escapades. Of course, such behavior began in less publicized circles before spreading like wildfire on Twitter, and as such it’s clear that those who claim to have their finger on the pulse of the industry need to keep their eyes peeled at all times.

Enter Switch’s exhaust vent, so-far known for its tendency to belch out excessive amounts of heat and light fumes when docked, admittedly remaining impressively quiet while doing so. Reddit user Tooru2305 has identified another benefit, however, staging a public confessional in which he revealed that he “really loves” the smell! Of course, I immediately tried this myself (after letting the console heat up a bit via some docked ARMS matches), and while it’s no high-end perfume or cologne, I won’t deny the truth: the smell was enjoyable.


Nintendo might want to consider some new warnings: no licking, no sniffing.

It goes without saying that sucking down metallic fumes from your consumer electronics is not encouraged by myself or GameRevolution, but putting that to the side – is there something to this? Users began to respond to Tooru2305’s assessment, making humorous, astute, and unexpected observations.

“It’s actually an experimental gas that comes out of the Switch that makes people addicted to buying Nintendo Switch related products” noted otakudan88, posing a theory that’s so crazy it just might work. “It refills every time you put a new game in.”

Meanwhile, user Projus confirmed that he skipped his D.A.R.E. classes growing up, immediately responding with “I’m gonna try now. Thanks for the tip.” I’m one to talk, since I reacted the very same way. DYNATX shared similar enthusiasm and took it one step further, proclaiming with glee that he’d “just found out about this mystery smell last night, SO GOOD!!”

Of course, not everyone reading was so easily enamored, exercising warranted skepticism when it comes to recklessly sniffing what you’re told to sniff by people on the internet. Solarbear1, sporting a stylish Tom Nook avatar, remarked the following.

I’d like to make a joke about people worshipping the Switch but I’m lost for words here. This is some next-level shit, I don’t think Xbox fans even go this far.

Switch Beam

Result of excess fumes, perhaps?

Regardless of whether or not you agree, he certainly makes an interesting point. Still, it appears the fume-sniffers outnumber those exercising caution, as Muffin2Pie immediately countered with the following.

Oh boy, I’ve been sniffing that thing since I’ve unpacked it! Good to know I’m not the only weird kid on the block, great question!

I could go on, but you get the idea – sniffing your Nintendo Switch is, at least to some, an actual phenomenon that’s occurring. As a handful of comments do point out, the reality of the situation is likely akin to new device smell, new car smell, new book smell, or any other multitude of scents that accompany freshly-purchased products. Then again, Switch has been available since March, so if yours is still pumping out thrilling aromas nearly six months in, then there may be more to Switch-sniffing than meets the eye. For now, stay tuned.

[Source: Reddit]