Twitter Map Shows Everyone Was Licking Nintendo Switch Cartridges For Lunch

In an unexpected twist that is sadly believable, it appears the "first things first" on many people's minds upon acquiring Nintendo Switch and its cartridge-based games today was not to explore the wonder of Nintendo's new hybrid device, nor was it to immediately begin playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild with little concern for our physical world. No, what possessed many millions of folks instead was an overwhelming need, a burning desire, to lick their Nintendo Switch cartridges.

Of course, this wasn't borne from nothing. Veteran game journalist Jeff Gerstmann reported his findings on Twitter initially, and Nintendo responded by clarifying that the carts do in fact contain a bittering agent to discourage kids from chomping down. As such, it makes sense that Twitter trends show a clear, massive boost in cartridge-eating interest, specifically between noon and 1pm today.

The Switch-licker Twitter data comes via, who were first to identify the bizarre trend. The map below illustrates exactly what happened.

I've been to Detroit, and I don't recall noticing anything about its residents to indicate a propensity for cartridge-licking. To be fair, the idea did sweep the nation, and it could just be that Twitter itself is quite popular in Detroit. The world may never know the truth, but we do know that Nintendo has officially made cartridge-licking gross again.

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