The Switch Has Already Had a Big E3

We’re still a day away from Nintendo’s digital event where everyone’s excited to hear about what first party titles the Japanese juggernaut is bringing to it’s portable system, but Nintendo has still had a stellar E3 even without the main event.

The Switch has been involved in the Microsoft, Bethesda, and EA conferences in one way or another. From being featured in a trailer for a port of Skyrim to getting on the cross platform Minecraft action. This is marketing and industry wide recognition that the Wii U was never close to receiving.


So far we’ve seen a new trailer that features the Dragonborn all decked out in Link’s famous Breath of the Wild garb, Minecraft’s new entry in their story mode and the Switch’s inclusion in the builders new cross platform multiplayer, plus EA has stated Fifa 18 will have ‘the most features of any portable Fifa game ever.’

They may all be ports, old titles that have been around the block for years, and a new entry in an age old sports franchise- but that’s not what matters. These blockbuster developers and publishers have their eyes and ears to the ground, featuring Nintendo’s new console in the biggest video game event of the year.

If that’s not a sign that they plan to bring more in the future, then I don’t know what is.

I don’t think we’ll see Assassins Creed: Origins, Anthem, or Wolfenstein on the handheld, but we may see other original IPs and new games get slated for releases, and heck we may even get console exclusives if the Switch continues to fly off shelves.

And all this is being said before other publishers have their conferences and announcements. I expect Ubisoft to have a few titles to show off, and hopefully more than just the new Rabbids Mario crossover thing.


I know we’re not out of the cold yet. The fact that Skyrim, Minecraft, and Fifa 18 will be playable almost anywhere doesn’t mean that Nintendo has solved it’s third part support issues, it just means that they are desperately trying. And even though we have ARMS and Splatoon 2 on the horizon only a short distance away, the Switch is in desperate need of some games.

But right now, 3 months since release and only a day out from Nintendo’s presentation at E3, things are looking pretty good.