Top 10 Best VR Games in 2017

Virtual reality is the latest technology in gaming that provides players with a surreal experience that makes them feel like they have been transported into the game. Long time gamers, especially those who enjoy RPG and Action games, are beyond thrilled about this new gaming experience. The development of virtual reality games has been in the works for a while but in 2017 it’s finally leaving its mark on the gaming world with major releases backed by big budgets, creating all new experiences like never before.

If you want to get started on virtual reality gaming, but aren’t sure of where to start, then we can help. We have compiled a list of the top 10 virtual reality games of 2017, as follows:

1. Farpoint


This exquisite space adventure takes place on a hostile alien planet. You are separated from your crew and forced to scavenge the planet for survival and hopes of escape to find your way back home. Using holographic logs found throughout the map you must first reunite with your team and find the way out while combating your way through swarms of alien life and unleashing the mysteries of this foreign planet. This game gives you the opportunity to unlock a vast arsenal of various weapons as well as a two-player co-op to help you battle your way to the finale of epic proportions.

2. Fallout 4 VR:


Coming later this year, Bethesda’s VR support could a massive moment for the technology. This game brings the Fallout series in a whole new perspective and continues the story 10 years after Fallout 3 in a post-apocalyptic world setting with all new futuristic weapons. The game also allows a companion to follow you to assist and attack as you venture around. The all immersive gameplay makes for an incredible experience completely changing the way the world looks and feels. The game has not yet been released but some have had the privilege to demo the game and test it early on with phenomenal results. More details and updates are soon to be released, but for now you can check out some demos on Youtube.

3. RockBand VR


Rockband has always been one of the top-selling video game franchises of all time, but the goal of virtual Rockband was much bigger. The creators wanted to make the game so realistic that the player feels like they were actually playing at a gig in front of thousands of people. With all the new songs and custom guitars, this game exhibits a distinct feeling that nothing else replicates.. The makers of Rockband actually sought the help of real rock stars to make the game unique and immersive. The development of Rockband raises the bar when it comes to music games and it shows all the signs of becoming a game changer of its genre.

4. Lone Echo

Lone Echo

Lone Echo is a first-person space adventure game where you explore outer space. The movement in this game requires you to maneuver in a way as if you were really in an anti-gravity environment. This gives an immersive and authentic astronaut feeling to it. Lone Echo allows you to travel through the map in real time and solve a variety of puzzles and mazes to give the game a challenging pensive aspect in order to win the game. Although this game is played mainly in single-player mode, it also features a multiplayer option for further interaction and exploration of this space world.

5. The Mage’s Tale

Mage's tale

This game could very well be the most interactive and immersive RPG to date, playable only on the Oculus Rift. Being able to have full body control of your interactions and gameplay in this world makes the experience seem so realistic that one may forget it’s a video game. It really makes you feel like you are inside a fantasy world with magic and goblins. The purpose of this game is to rescue your kidnapped master by making your way through a series of traps and obstacles while also learning new skills and special powers. This game looks incredible for those who love RPGs and enjoy compelling story lines.

6. Brass Tactics

Brass Tactics

This is a tabletop war game in which the player can build and set up their own attack and defense system. You can play co-op, online multiplayer, versus, or even single-player against a computer. This game is all about skill, strategy and learning to control multiple units at once in order to be the most effective player. Also, you can view your opponent’s setup, see the towers they are building and try to form a strategy against them. There are several different game boards to play on and each one has its own unique layout and requires different types of tactics to win.

7. Job Simulator

Job Simulator

This is a lighthearted and fun task oriented game based in the year 2050 where robots have taken over and have replaced all human jobs. The purpose of this game is simply to enjoy several different job types and follow the tasks to serve different types of customers who were replaced with computers. This game was nominated and awarded one of the best and funniest simulation games from over 20 different companies. The interactions you will have with customers and the hilarious tasks will make you want to play this game for hours.

8. Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to soar like an Eagle? Well, now you can find out! This game simulates the flight and natural movement of bald eagles and other birds by having the player move in the same way a bird would. The beautiful scenery of the game set in Paris allows you to glide through the sky seeing all the iconic landmarks and amazing view along the way. They have also included a series of mini games to test your flight skills and expand your horizons to truly indulge in the different aspects of the land.

9. Everest VR


This is a very good introductory game for those who have never played anything in VR. The game helps you get accustomed to how virtual reality controls work while focusing on the atmosphere of a place that you will probably never experience in real life. Although it can be a bit of a challenge trudging through the different sections of the mountain, the main goal is to give the player an authentic experience that is as close to the real thing as possible. The scenery is what brings Everest to life so you can get a glimpse of what it is like to climb the highest peak in the world while taking in all of the unforgettable emotions of the journey.

10. Minecraft VR


Minecraft is already one of the most loved and most played games of all time for people of all ages. The best part about Minecraft in virtual reality is the ability to actually be the character in the game instead of just controlling a character. This is a whole new experience for players who love the game and will get to face an all new way of building and battling. They’ve also added the option of a virtual living room for a slight break from the virtual reality world to shift back into the classic experience if desired.

Virtual reality brings a whole new aspect to the gaming world that people have dreamed about for years. Even TV shows and movies that take place in futuristic times have subtly thrown in the idea of immersive virtual reality games. The biggest hindrance people face with purchasing a virtual reality set is the price, but most people who have played the games and tested them agree that the price is worth it for the experience. That being said, PlayStation 4 added the option in which you can get most of the popular virtual reality games for a more affordable price. There are multiple types of virtual reality sets and they all have their pros and cons. However, your gaming style may be the most important factor when choosing the right VR headset all comes down to what your gaming style is like.

Stacy Hilton is a Web Developer from Denver, CO. In her spare time she is co-founder of Pro Best VR, a site dedicated to covering VR releases, hardware, and more.