Official SMITE Cu Chulainn and Camazotz Giveaway!

A new update has arrived for SMITE. Along with a large library of additions and adjustments is an all-new Warrior class character named Cu Chulainn. This character uses a Rage mechanic to fuel his spear-oriented attacks, devastating opponents with brutal stabs and swipes.

In Irish mythology, Cu Chulainn was a youthful warrior that was capable of entering a terrifying frenzy, slaughtering anyone who opposed him from his horse-drawn chariot.

Hi-Rez Studios has gifted us more than a dozen codes to giveaway this brand new character for SMITE along with his Hound of Ulster. In addition, we have codes to unlock Camazotz with Xibalba’s Shadow.

To enter, simply head over to our forum and post a comment in the thread dedicated to this giveaway. If you haven’t already, you will need to register before posting.

We will private message random winners throughout the next week. Be sure to check back and see if you have a message in your inbox.

SMITE‘s new patch has also added a new in-game event called Code of Chivalry. This event includes a series of story-driven quests with choices available, eventually ending in players unlocking either a Noble Knight or Black Knight skin for Osiris. You can read more about this update and Code of Chivalry on the official site.