Adult VR Games Are Benefitting Greatly from Oculus Rift’s Price Drop

After a few months of decreased sales across the VR spectrum, Oculus has thrust itself into the spotlight with a significant price reduction. Offering the Oculus Rift headset and Touch controllers at half the price it once was, a large number of consumers have joined an install base that has been slow to grow during recent months.

The news has most directly been a big win for Oculus, but developers are similarly reaping rewards. New customers are now shopping for games in volume that hasn’t been seen since the release of the platform early last year. Star Trek: Bridge Crew, The Climb, Arizona Sunshine, and The Mage’s Tale are just a few of the titles that are pulling in record numbers of sales to begin the week.

But it isn’t only official Oculus Store software that is seeing benefit. Far from it.

VR Girlfriend, a popular virtual hentai title, has hit record sales during the past 36 hours. Game creator yunayuna64 has posted on Twitter confirming that the game has seen a 200% jump in sales coinciding with the Oculus Rift’s price reduction.

It isn’t alone in the room, either. Waifu Sex Simulator similarly saw growth, with daily downloads increasing by just over 60% yesterday. In addition, the game earned more than 20 new patrons on Patreon, boosting its monthly support to over $2,350.

Adult entertainment has been a cornerstone for VR sales, inviting interest from the biggest brands in the space. According to XBiz an estimated 38% of VR headsets are purchased with the intent of using adult entertainment. Furthermore, investment firm Piper Jaffray estimates that it will hit $1 billion in revenue by 2025.