Superhot VR made more than $2 million in just one week

Superhot VR, the virtual reality version of indie-FPS Superhot, made more than $2 million in sales in just one week. The VR version’s sales had reportedly surpassed the original Superhot’s sales by April 2019.

Callum Underwood, director of special projects for Superhot, announced Superhot VR’s impressive holiday sales feat on Twitter. According to Underwood, the sales number comes from both the game’s PC and PS4 versions, and the PS4 numbers are only an estimate from the company’s analysts. The game is available on a few different headsets from the PSVR, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and whole suite of Oculus devices like the Rift, Rift S, and Quest.

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In addition to the impressive Christmas sales, Superhot VR was also listed among Steam’s 12 top-grossing VR games of the year. Steam did not rank the entries within that list, but games like Gorn, Skyrim VR, and the ever-popular laser sword rhythm game Beat Saber also appear in the top 12. Beat Saber set impressive VR sales numbers of its own earlier this year, becoming the first VR game to sell a million copies in March 2019.