If you used the Switch’s Rewind feature, did you still ‘beat’ the game?

We may only be two days away from the end of 2019, but there was still time for someone to sneak in a controversial hot take before the year’s end.

Mike Matei, executive producer of Cinemassacre and Angry Video Game Nerd writer, has got Twitter talking with his belief that if you use the Nintendo Switch’s Rewind feature, “you DID NOT by any stretch of the imagination beat the god damn game.”


The Rewind feature does what it says on the tin; players can use it to rewind to a previous point in a game. The feature is implemented across the Switch’s NES and SNES ports, allowing players to effectively jump back in time in order to rectify a mistake they’ve made.

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Considering how difficult many NES and SNES games are, often lacking checkpoints and sending players back to the beginning if they fail too many times, Rewind can be useful for those who are short in time. It can also be helpful for younger players who want to experience Nintendo classics but struggle with their high difficulty level.

Matei’s comment has received an… enthusiastic response, with many calling his opinion “gatekeeping.” Personally, as someone with vivid and painful memories of completing Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to use the Rewind feature in order to get through some of that era’s more difficult games.

Do you think that using the Switch’s Rewind feature is cheating? Let us know in the comments section below.