Overwatch’s Seasonal Events Could Be Even Better with Killing Floor 2’s Model

We all know by now that Overwatch’s last big event, its anniversary celebration, did not go over too well with the community. Whether it was the lack of a new game mode, the overuse of legendary skins with poor droprates, the lack of permanent content or the mistimed announcement of a new hero several weeks later, the Overwatch Anniversary Event was generally considered a disappointment.

Since the summer is in full swing, it’s probably high time for another Overwatch seasonal event. Don’t get us wrong, we love the Overwatch events and always have a blast with them. But, Blizzard could make some quality of life improvements to their formula by following the mold of Killing Floor 2.

Tripwire Interactive’s popular PvE shooter has been a beacon of post-launch content, offering new maps, game modes, weapons and new enemies entirely free in various updates. What they’ve also showed us is that their flair for Seasonal Events, something they became known for with the original Killing Floor, has not been forgotten with Killing Floor 2. The completion of Killing Floor 2’s Summer Sideshow seasonal event has showed us all that they still have it, and it has set a standard that other games should strive to meet – Overwatch included.

For one, the Summer Sideshow event for Killing Floor 2 lasts a week longer than typical Overwatch events. Rather than the three weeks for each Overwatch event, you get the event for four weeks. Shades of the event will last even longer, as there are 8 weekly challenge game modes that persist for four weeks after the event ends.

If you’re wondering how Killing Floor 2 is able to produce all this new content and offer it for free, it’s the same way Overwatch does it: cosmetic items. And, their seasonal events also offer unique cosmetic items only available for that time. Because of the increase in the event time, you get more opportunities to nab these cosmetic items without having to purchase them.

Also, for each one of those weekly challenges (called “outbreaks”) you complete, you get a guaranteed cosmetic item as a reward. If Overwatch’s events found a way to guarantee that players would get at least one cosmetic item from the event, it would go a long way.


Some of the things Killing Floor 2 does are impossible to directly carry over to Overwatch. Since Overwatch isn’t a PvE mode, it doesn’t have enemies to completely re-skin, like Killing Floor 2 did by making all enemies dressed in circus or clown attire. That said, the addition of an event-exclusive map with all sorts of new goodies was a lot more detailed and immersive than anything Overwatch has put out thus far. Generally event-maps in Overwatch are essentially the normal maps, but with a few frills placed on the surface, such as fireworks and traditional Chinese lamps for the Year of the Rooster event.

A longer event duration, more in-depth customization, perhaps rolling arcade modes and easier access to coveted cosmetics could go a long way in Overwatch. As someone who plays Overwatch more than Killing Floor 2, I am certainly green with envy at the system of seasonal events employed by the latter.

For PC players, this event is sadly over, but it’s only just begun on PS4, so Sony players will have a long month ahead of them to enjoy all the benefits that Killing Floor 2‘s seasonal events can offer.