Overwatch Golden Loot Box Giveaway!

In anticipation of Doomfist’s debut in Overwatch on July 27th, we’re giving away a few Golden Loot Boxes.

This promotional in-game Loot Box contains four random items from the classic collection, including one guaranteed legendary valued at 1,000 Gold.

To enter, head over to the official giveaway thread and let us know what your favorite Blizzard game of all-time is. During the next few days we’ll private message random winners with a code.

Doomfist is a highly mobile fighter who uses his Hand Cannon fist to pulverize enemies. His ultimate, called “Meteor Strike’, allows him to leap into the sky before crashing into the ground with tremendous force.

He will be released across all platforms next Thursday providing an all-new Offensive hero to play.

Good luck!