Community Wednesdays: Do You Use Headphones or Speakers?

Audio plays an important role in entertainment, so it’s no wonder gamers are willing to fork out hundreds of dollars for the latest and greatest gaming headphones and speakers.

Between the two, every gamer has a preference. While some turn to headphones for audio accuracy and immersion, some prefer the experience of powerful sounds reverberating through their room.

In my case, I use speakers most of the time since it feels more natural to me. That is, unless I’m playing a competitive game such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive where I need to hear every sound accurately.

My audio setup is as follows:

  • Speakers: Bose Companion 2 Series III
  • Earbuds: Bose IE2

The Bose Companion speakers are good, although I miss the heavy bass of my Logitech Z623 setup. Unfortunately, those speakers failed after three years of use, and I decided that I wanted to ditch the bass to minimize my setup.

In terms of the Bose IE2’s, I use them for hours a day whether I’m at the gym, watching HBO, or just kicking back. It’s not even that I’m a big Bose fan, I just can’t find another pair of high quality headphones that don’t seal and isolate the noise. While that style of earbud is better for audio quality, I don’t like to be detached from my environment.

Do you use headphones or speakers? Head over to our official forum thread and let us know by voting and commenting.