We Opened Up 50 New Overwatch Loot Boxes and Got Zero Duplicates

Of course, all the Overwatch news right now is going to be surrounding the release of Doomfist, the multiplayer shooter’s long-awaited hero first teased in the original Overwatch cinematic. But, also in the patch that added Doomfist were the much-anticipated changes to Overwatch‘s loot boxes. The changes reportedly “drastically” reduced the number of duplicate items in loot boxes (one of the main complaints of the system), while also increasing the amount of credits you get so you can still buy items you want with in-game money.

GameRevolution decided to put these changes to the test, purchasing 50 Loot Boxes and opening them. While we expected an improvement, we were blown away by what happend: Zero duplicates. Zilch. Zippo. Nada. You can see the video for yourself below:

While there is one important caveat to this that we will get to, this is still an astronomical improvement over the loot box system of old, where even new accounts were getting loot boxes with three Common items and one rare item, all of which were duplicates (known as “three greys and a blue,” in the Overwatch community). You’ll also noticed that these 50 loot boxes provided exactly 2,000 currency overall, enough to buy two regular Legendary skins.

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The one thing to note is that the account for which we purchased these loot boxes is “only” level 162, which means the amount of cosmetic items the account already had was perhaps a bit diminished in comparison to higher-leveled accounts. Indeed, Game Director Jeff Kaplan said when he announced these changes that it will be harder to avoid duplicates on accounts that already have a good portion of the available cosmetic items.

Still, though, we opened up a loot box on this account earlier in the week and got three duplicates, so this remains a revelation for the Overwatch loot box system.