Gaming PC of the Month: Loc’s ROG Gaming Setup

This month we have another special new PC build to share with you. We took the time to speak with Loc, who is one of the most diehard Asus ROG fans you’ll ever meet. Loc resides in Vietnam and works in the IT field, but enjoys gaming and building rigs during his free time. In order to display his love for ROG products, Loc has created highly detailed logos and placed them inside his stylish game room. We are extremely impressed by his setup, which is fully equipped with top-of-the-line computer hardware such as the GTX 1080 Ti and the 34″ Asus ROG ultrawide display.

Read our interview below to learn more about Loc and his passion for PC gaming.

GameRevolution: How long have you been building PCs? How did you get started?

Loc: I started to build PCs since 2003. From the first time my dad bought me a PC (Celeron CPU, 64 Mb Ram, VGA on-board). First game I played was Starcraft. I also bought some magazines & books to do research about PCs, then I did a surgery on my first computer, to see what’s inside of a PC. Later, I learned to build a PC with a friend’s helps and found my passion there.  

GR: What are the specs of your new PC?

L: My upcoming laptop will be the Asus Zephyrus GX501. Here are my current PCs.

PC # 1: On the Desk

PC #2: Under the Desk


GR: How did you decide which components to purchase?

L: I did research on the internet first, from many articles, from the Online Review, Benchmark and YouTube. Also consulted my friends before deciding which products to purchase.

GR: What is your favorite part of your PC setup?

L: My favorite part of this setup would be the logos which are custom-made & designed by me. It took 1 month to design the logos. I searched on the internet for all ROG designs, then combined & created my own design. I received help from my best friend, who is a 2D & 3D designer.

GR: Would you recommend the ultra wide monitor to others?

L: Yes! I would definitely recommend an ultra-wide monitor for not only gamers but also for designers and developers. For Gamers, it will give a better viewing angle. For designers and developers, it will provide improved multi-tasking.

GR: What was the first game you played to test your new hardware? Have you run benchmarks?

L: The first game I played to test my new setup was Watch Dogs 2. I really like this game, the graphics are so beautiful. With all maximum settings, the game runs smoothly at 60 – 80 fps most of the time in 1440p resolution.

GR: What is your most anticipated PC game?

L: It will be Call of Duty WWII. I stopped playing the Call of Duty series ever since Black Ops 3 came out. Because all recent releases of COD games are bad (in my point of view – the story & the graphic cannot beat the Battlefield series at the moment). Now, they’re coming back to the World War theme and it seems promising. I would like to see the legend comeback. Additionally, Star Wars Battlefront 2 for a Star Wars fan like myself.  

GR: What are some things you enjoy doing on your PC outside of gaming?

L: Well I enjoy watching movies on my ultrawide setup, with the powerful Dynaudio Xeo 4 speakers. They deliver an amazing experience.

I don’t use my PCs for work or school stuff. I have my own laptop to work on. My PCs are just for entertainment purposes.

I often game at night, for around 2-3 hours. As for building computers, I make a plan around 1 week prior and then spend my whole weekend buying and building my PCs. 

Thank you Loc for sharing your PC game room with us!

Next month we will have another high-end PC for you to feast your eyes on, so be sure to check back.