FFXIV Has Surpassed 10 Million Players, is Now Top 10 Subscriber-Based MMO in History [Update]

Update: Some readers have questioned the accuracy of our statement that new quests, a boss battle, and equipment have been added. This was based upon the official press release by Square Enix, which reads as follows:

Additionally, this milestone coincides with the release of Patch 4.06 and the start of the annual Moonfire Faire seasonal event. Players can take part in an all-new series of quests, including facing off against Ultros and his uncontrollable tentacles. Triumphant adventurers can obtain event items to ring in the celebrations, including a dyeable Faire version of a popular set of equipment.

Original Story: Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIV has surpassed 10 million cumulative players to-date thanks to record turnout since the launch of the Stormblood expansion. This figure makes it one of the top 10 most successful subscription-based MMOs in history.

GameRevolution reported in July 2015 that the title achieved five million subscribers within two years of its A Realm Reborn relaunch. This new achievement puts it on pace to average five million new players every 24 months.

Final Fantasy XIV has seen a significant boost in total player count and activity following the release of Stormblood, which earned a rare 4.5/5 in our review. In the review we noted the game’s attractive presentation, meaningful Red Mage and Samurai job additions, and outstanding level design.

Final Fantasy XIV originally debuted in 2010 to the most negative critical reception of any title in Final Fantasy history. Within three years the development team at Square Enix was able to revamp the game enough to earn the respect of many fans, in addition to drawing in new players who were originally disinterested.

Patch 4.06 was released today, adding a special annual event with new content.