Gaming Horror Stories #1: Eternally Blue

It’s that time of year again.

Yes, it’s nearly time to don your best costumes, run from door to door demanding candy, then run home to sit comfortably on your couch and get some late-night leveling in Destiny 2 done  or make some time for Silent Hill, because we still love the classics here at GameRevolution. It’s time to conjure up horror stories from the vaults of our minds. Dig deep in the bastion of your mind and think back to a time where you experienced something so chilling, so egregious, that you can barely think back to it now. You’ve got it? Good.

I’m going to be putting up an example of my gaming plight each week leading up to Halloween, and in return you’re going to have the pants scared off of you. Or you’ll just feel bad for me, or call me names in the comments. Either way, I hope you’re entertained. I call this story…”Eternally Blue.”

Quite a few years ago, I was the ecstatic little girl as I unwrapped a pristine copy of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. It contained all of the bonus materials, such as Lucia’s pendant, character standees, and a beautifully bound manual in black leather. I was all ready to embark on another remarkable journey with the Goddess Althena as my guide.

I was entranced. I found gorgeous sprites accompanied with inspiring music, and engaging anime cutscenes that moved the story along at a most enjoyable pace. Before I knew it, I was putting in every spare minute that I had, just so I could see the ending before tests got too hectic at school. I leveled relentlessly. And finally, I reached one of the final fights with villain Zophar.

Of course, no matter how strong I had become, the fight had proved too much. I was defeated time and time again. At school, when I wasn’t doing anything, I would write out strategies to improve my fight. I looked at FAQs and realized that I had missed a wealth of content along the way. I had missed some of the most valuable weapons. Luckily, I could always transport throughout the land without a teleportation device. The next day, I resolved to carry out this plan so that I could conquer the game once and for all.

There was one problem. My room wasn’t very clean around that time. I piled clothes on the floor and couldn’t be bothered to pick anything up to make a path for myself to walk through. Upon getting home from school I had gone into my bedroom to get changed into normal clothes from a school uniform. I stepped in the middle of the room to grab some pajama pants, and I heard a terrifying CRRRRACCKKKK, as the weight of my foot fell upon a mysterious object. Cringing, I didn’t even have to look down to know what it was.

I had just stepped on the final disc of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue.

It was gone, kablooey. All that hard work for nothing. But there was a silver lining, at least at that moment. My heart leapt with joy as I realized that a friend of mine had recently completed the purchase as well. Upon receipt of the game disc from him, I eagerly popped it into my PS1 that day and was ready to get down to business. I went to load it up, and…

…SAVE FILE CORRUPTED! I wept openly. I cried my little eyes out. All that progress down the drain. A pristine copy of the game ruined. My life, momentarily ruined. Come on, I was young.

And to this day, I have never been able to complete the entire game of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue.

Pretty scary, huh? We want to hear your stories! Let me know of a similar moment that “scared you” or just plain creeped you out, like, for real.  Just be careful not to get too frightened.