The Last of Us 2 Unsolved Mysteries and Questions We Want Answered

Ever wondered what happened to Ellie and Joel after the ending of The Last of Us? Well, let’s take a look at what some of the unsolved mysteries and questions that need answering in The Last of Us 2:

The Last of Us Recap

the last of us 2 unsolved mysteries

Let’s first get a recap of what The Last of Us is for those who never heard of the game before. The Last of Us showed us the story of Joel, a man who’s escorting a teenage girl named Ellie across the country in order to find the Fireflies.

As time goes on in the story, we find out that Ellie is immune to the disease that has turned most of humanity into fungus-infected zombies, and that’s why the Fireflies, a group of people who are looking for a cure to the disease, are waiting for Ellie. People become infected by getting bit by those who are already infected by the disease or coming into contact with an infected corpse. There are various stages of the disease, Runners, Stalkers, Clickers and Bloaters.

What We Want to Know in The Last of Us 2

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So, the first question is: did Joel and Ellie ever made it back to Tommy’s (Joel’s brother) settlement? This would be a good question to find out if Joel and Ellie had made it back safe to Tommy’s place, and are they still there by the time The Last of Us 2 starts, or did they leave after some time or what? It would be interesting to see if they are still at Tommy’s settlement or if they decided to hit the road again. This question is more like: where have Joel and Ellie have been between The Last of Us and its sequel?

The second question would have to be: what happened to Ellie and Joel during this time frame? How has Ellie grown up in the past few years being immune to the disease? And what has happened to Joel? Did Ellie ever learn how to swim or learn the guitar from Joel? It would be good to see how these characters have changed or grown since the first game. From what we had seen from previous trailers, Ellie does appear to be playing the guitar, so it would be interesting to see Joel actually teaching her how to play.

Finally, what has happened to the world in the last few years? Has the fungal zombie epidemic gotten worse? What happened to the Fireflies? Who are those people in the second trailer for The Last Of Us 2? I’m excited to see what has happened between The Last of Us, leading up to The Last of Us 2, and what’s in store for the sequel. Most importantly for now, at least, is I want to know who are those people in the second trailer, and what has happened to Joel?

What We Do Know So Far

the last of us 2

Last year, Naughty Dog has released the first trailer of The Last of Us 2 showing a few houses, a car, Firefly symbol, bunch of dead bodies, and Ellie sitting on a bed playing the guitar while a man stands in the doorway. Just from watching the first trailer, we might not know much, but we do learn a few bits of info just from the first trailer alone.

Earlier this year at Paris Games Week, the second trailer was released for The Last of Us 2. This time we didn’t see Joel or Ellie in this, and it seemed to be a darker type of trailer. It appears that the fungus zombies, or Clickers, are still around. During this year’s PSX, we find out that the game is about 50-60% done, and a large part of the game takes place in Seattle. It appears that no one is safe — not even Joel or Ellie according to writer/director Neil Druckmann. Druckmann also goes on to say that fans of the first game might not like the sequel. We can expect more details to The Last of Us 2 at E3 2018. What are you hoping to find out and know more of in The Last of Us 2?