The Last of Us Part 2 Trailer Drops at Paris Games Week 2017

The Last of Us Part 2 got a new trailer at Sony’s Paris Games Week 2017 conference. TLOU2 is one of the most anticipated exclusives for the PlayStation 4, even more so now that this incredible footage has been released.

The trailer shows a woman being strung up on a noose by a group that appears to be some sort of cultists. The woman leading the cultists indicates that there’s something in the prisoner’s abdomen that is anathema to them. There is a second female prisoner, and the two male cultists are told to “clip her wings,” indicating that she’s attempted to escape from them and they aim to immobilize her.

They manage to break one of her arms with a hammer before an arrow catches one in the head from out of the forest surrounding them. This allows the two prisoners to overpower their captors, and its revealed that the first prisoner they intended to hang seems to be some apostate. The group then prepares to fight as Infected Clickers rush towards them.

I’m not sure who any of the characters in the trailer are. None of the women resemble Ellie, whom Naughty Dog stated will be the primary character. The first game also didn’t have any mention of a cult to my recollection, so society must have plunged even further into chaos since the events of the first game.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have a release date for The Last of Us 2. If we’re lucky, we might see it sometime in 2018.