The People Speak: Star Wars Extravaganza, Death Stranding Around, Bluehole A-Go-Go, and More

The gaming industry is shifting into low gear for holiday break, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t still plenty of news since our last The People Speak. The big event so far this month was The Game Awards where we got to see some fresh new VR games, and announcements for Bayonetta 3, Soul Caliber 6, World War Z, and a barrage of indie titles. Kojima’s Death Stranding got as new trailer as well, leading us further down the rabbit hole into the fascinating and surreal world he’s creating.

In Destiny 2 news we saw the release of Curse of Osiris, which was disappointing for most fans. Initially, the new expansion locked players out of content they’d already paid for, though a few days later an update rectified the problem. Bungie also somehow let a new Exotic into the game that was broken, which led to an interesting weekend in the Crucible.

Right after The Game Awards Cody Perez visited PlayStation Experience 2017 on behalf of GR and has put together some great previews for us. Check out what he had to say about Kentucky Route Zero, Donut County, Shadow of the Colossus, and Detroit: Become Human.

To commemorate the release of The Last Jedi we unleashed a barrage of Star Wars-themed features this week. You can ready about why we think the X-Wing series is ripe for a comeback, why Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic needs to be a movie, the Star Wars games that capture the feel of the films, and why LEGO Star Wars got it right where Battlefront 2 didn’t.

PUBG released on Xbox One in an early preview, and I wrote about my experience with the game (hint: it’s a bit broken). PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also saw a bit of silliness when a female character model was accidentally implemented into the game that was sporting what some on Twitter referred to as a “moose knuckle.” The situation was rectified quickly, and Bluehole was given an in-depth seminar on how female anatomy actually works via thousands of individuals on social media.

The GR community had some interesting things to say about the above and more. Here’s a selection of some of our favorite comments:


Article: Death Stranding: 5 Details You Might Not Have Noticed in the Trailer

Comment: “The manner of unflinching commitment to killing himself in that manner…when every synapse in your brain will attempt to keep you from stabbing yourself over and over….means the enemy getting a hold of their living bodies results in something much more than just a strength boost…”


Article: Why a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Movie Should Happen

Comment: “They could easily ake it a trilogy. Revan as Jedi master that grows darker and darker in Mandalorian war, culminating with the end where he becomes completely disillusioned with the Jedi. Then second movies as he becomes the sith lord Darth Revan and starts his war against the Jedi order and finally third movie where amnesiac Revan gets to see himself from a different angle and finally redeems himself as he defeats his student who took his place as Sith Lord.”


Article: Far Cry 5 Delayed to Provide a “Higher Quality Experience”

Comment: “Oh crap! We have microtransactions in this game! Everyone hates those now! Quick, find a way to hide them better!”


Article: Destiny 2 Forces Players to Buy Curse of Osiris for Prestige Leviathan Raid

Comment: “I have a friend who is trading their copy in tomorrow. We felt like things had kind of stagnated in the game anyway, but forcing DLC doesn’t really feel like it makes for a better experience. I guess Bungie can try and justify it by claiming that players who aren’t ready for that level of difficulty don’t have to invest in it, but that isn’t a great excuse.”

Marco Caballero

Article: Bethesda Wants to “Save the Single-Player Gamer” With Huge Sale and $100,000 Donation

Comment: “Fuck yes Bethesda! Your games are usually buggy and you have tried a few questionable things yourself (*cough* paid mods!) but there’s no doubt in my mind that Bethesda is committed to building fantastic single-player experiences and keep advancing video games as a form of art, and not only as a form of revenue.”