Tell GR: What is the Best Video Game Level Ever?

Tomorrow we’ll be debuting GameRevolution‘s brand new recurring feature, ‘The Perfect Level.’ In this weekly series, we’ll be taking one famous (or seriously underrated) level and explaining why and how it hit the mark.

To mark the inaugural entry of this new series, we’re reaching out to the GR community to find out your favorite video game levels. From exciting thrill rides in virtual worlds through to those opening moments that immediately immerse you in the adventure you’re about to embark upon, there are various ways in which a level can hit a chord with its players.

So which ones have resonated with you over the years? Do you have an old-school classic in mind that has lingered in your memory? Or has a level in a modern game taken you by surprise? Let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to tune into Friday’s edition of The People Speak to see if your comment was featured!