What Are You Playing? Overwatch, The Witcher 3 and More

We’re still in the middle of a dry January, as we impatiently await the release of big-hitters such as Dragon Ball FighterZ and Monster Hunter World. This means that we can continue rifling through our backlog, and jump back into games that we still hadn’t got around to completing.

The start of the Overwatch League this week means that I’ve been playing a lot of Blizzard’s FPS. I’m not too impressed by the absurdly high price of the new skins introduced to the game, with them clocking in at $4.99 per costume, though it remains a blast despite its questionable microtransaction practices.

I’ve also been playing through Super Mario Bros, in preparation for our new weekly feature ‘The Perfect Level.’ You can check out the first entry in the series right here.

Jason has also been hopping back into Overwatch, along with revisiting The Witcher 3, which he didn’t manage to complete the first time around. He’s also spent a lot of time ruminating on the state of Square Enix’s forgotten IPs, and you can read his musings here. Cody has been investing more time in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, along with playing Digimon Cyber Sleuth before its sequel launches later this month.

But that’s enough about us — what have you been playing this week? As always, let us know in the comments section below.