Letter From the Editor: Help us Stop Pop-up Mobile Ads on GR

We have a favor to ask you. You may have noticed recently (roughly since the beginning of December) that the mobile version of GameRevolution has taken to occasionally displaying pop-up ads that, when clicked, redirect you to another website. We want to fight back against these ads, but we need your help.

While these ads aren’t malicious and they don’t contain viruses, they are inarguably annoying. GameRevolution isn’t the only site that is fighting back against them, either, as a recent Wired report noted how many outlets have suddenly found themselves inundated with mobile ad redirects. Our sister site PlayStation Lifestyle  reported its own issues with them.

These can be stopped, but in order to do so, we need to hear feedback from our readers about problems they’ve experienced with these ads. As such, we’re asking you to comment below or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter with details of these ads, or with screenshots of the ads in action. The more feedback we receive, the more likely our team will be able to solve the problem, so we appreciate any help you can give us.

Getting rid of these unfortunate ads will make the GR you know and love run smoother on mobile, which will make the reader experience better for everyone. Now more than ever, we want you to sound off in the comments below. Thank you for continuing to support GR, and for helping us tackle this irritating issue.