The People Speak: Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed, Monster Hunter Rocks Our World, and More

It was a big week on GameRevolution, with us bringing two new staff into the fold and continuing our plan for global domina- err, I mean, our plan to build a really cool gaming website that everyone will love.

It was an interesting week for gaming news, too. Rockstar made the announcement that Red Dead Redemption 2 would be delayed to the surprise of absolutely no one, a report that Microsoft had previously looked into the acquisition of EA led many outlets to prematurely report that it was looking to build some sort of gaming Megazord comprised of the industry’s top companies, and Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s microtransactions are set to make a return. Hurray.

With so much to discuss, GR’s readers had plenty to say as a result. Let’s take a look at our favorite comments of the week:


Zap Rowsdowser

Article: Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date Delayed to October 

Comment: “I have no problem with it being delayed to be made a better game, but I wish people didn’t even give release dates until they are positive that they can release it by that time. Games being delayed (usually more than once) is such a common thing now.”



Article: The Xbox One Was Ahead of its Time and Microsoft is Suffering For It

Comment: “One has gotten a lot better since it’s release. The UI is still a bit tricky at times but it still my most used console. Lost my PS4 in Hurricane Harvey and really never felt the need to get a replacement. Luckily my One survived on the top shelf of my bathroom even when Looters broke in and stole the PS4 and other shit pieces of shit take from peoples houses.”



Article: Monster Hunter World Review — A Whole New World

Comment: “I just bought and installed this game with my phone on my Xbox one, also I’m drunk”



Article: The Perfect Level: How the Dam in GoldenEye 007 Teaches You Everything You Need to Know Without Being a Tutorial

Comment: “Dam and Facility stole too many hours of my life. I still play Goldeneye 64 once a year. Same with Super Mario 64 and Shadows of the Empire.”



Article: Letter From the Editor: GameRevolution Has a Growth Spurt

Comment: “I know I didn’t make the best first impression with the current team but I am glad to see that 2018 is heading in a great direction for GR and I look forward to continuous participation with this community.

“Thank you guys for your continuous effort and keeping this website alive and active. I have been following GR since I was in 7th grade; This place means a lot to me.”



Article: Nintendo Switch Surpasses Wii U’s Lifetime Sales in Less Than a Year

Comment: “That’s super great, just need a few more mature experiences for it to keep things going in my opinion. Thought Doom seemed like a good idea, but $60 for a watered-down but portable version of a game that’s regularly on sale for $20 on other systems is a tough sell. Concerned that Dark Souls could be a similar affair. Bayonetta should help fill the void, but it’s not exactly going to be an epic adult-oriented offering like The Witcher or Red Dead Redemption.”



Article: Microsoft Reportedly Looked at Buying EA, Valve and PUBG Corp.

Comment: “Microsoft wanted to buy Valve”

“Local man wanted to buy a goose that lays golden eggs, the owner refused”