Tell GR: Why Haven’t You Bought a Nintendo Switch Yet?

The Nintendo Switch is easily the platform with the most forwards momentum right now, with the game’s sales sky-rocketing throughout the last quarter, seeing it surpass the numbers that the Wii U achieved throughout its entire lifetime. However, when discussing the Switch on GR, I routinely see our readers discussing how they have yet to pick one up.

The Switch is obviously a damn good console, with it boasting a bunch of modern classics among its line-up including Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. However, some have still yet to take the plunge on it, even though they’re curious about all of the excitement surrounding it.

If that sounds like you, then let us know why you have yet to pick one up below. Inevitably, the financial commitment to plumping your cash down on a new games console will be the root cause for many, but if you had the cash, would you still opt to not buy the Switch right now? Do you think it’s worth picking up at this stage in its life cycle? Or is it best to wait it out for more games to make their way on the system? Let us know in the comments section below!

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