Earn GameRevolution Trophies, Win Free Games

Trophies have been introduced to the GameRevolution forums, allowing our users to receive achievements for starting threads, posting messages, and receiving likes from their fellow GR members.

Trophies are handed out for reaching a variety of milestones on the GameRevolution forums, rewarding you with Trophy Points. These Trophy Points unlock higher tiers of membership, from ‘Newbie’ at 0 points through to the coveted ‘GameRevolutionary’ at 150 points. Users who reach GameRevolutionary status will receive a free game as a reward for their efforts.

If free games are something that you’re into (and if not, then what’s wrong with you?) you can sign up to the GameRevolution forum right here, or by clicking the ‘Community’ link at the top of GR.

To view your unlocked Trophies after creating a profile, navigate to your Profile Page. From there you’ll find the Trophies tag, complete with every Trophy you’ve currently received. You can also view all the available GR Trophies from this tab, including ‘IMPOSSIBLE,’ which we are expecting approximately zero GR members to unlock. We’re always hoping that you’ll surprise us, though.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up, dive in, and start winning those free games. We’ll be waiting.