The People Speak: Kingdom Come Delivers, Valentine’s Day Blues, and More

This week saw the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Warhorse Studios’ realistic and proudly mundane RPG that replaces sorcery and dragons with wandering meadows and flower-picking. Our reviewer Jason loved it, though GR’s community has been relatively divided about the game, particularly its performance issues.

In GameRevolution news, this week we announced the first winner of our Heart of the Revolution contest, which saw a variety of GR forum users post their gaming stories and memories in order to win some lovely video games. Oneshotstop was crowned the winner on Wednesday, with them bagging themselves a copy of Dark Souls 3 get your entries in early next week and its DLC. Make sure you to be in with a chance of winning!

Here are our favorite comments from across GameRevolution this week:


Article: Video Game Couples Who Prove That Love is Bulls***

Comment: I’m going to assume that your entire Uncharted 4 section was a massive troll job because IT WAS SO EFFECTIVE OH MY GOD I AM ANGRY.

Marco Caballero

Article: Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review – Hardcore Henry

Comment: This is good news. The game seems filled with potential. I will definitely pick it up down the road, once a few good patches have gone in.


Article: Tell GR: What Time Period Should Be Featured in More Games?

Comment: I’d like to see more games set in ancient China. A strategy game with battling dynasties could be fun but a more personal action RPG would be cool too.

Colonial times have a lot of potential. We’ve played pirates before but what about the opportunity to play as a native of North America, skirmishing with other tribes, dealing with a spreading illness & then the foreign invaders? It’s a perspective we haven’t had a chance to see often enough. Perhaps someone could licence Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, a pre-colonial African setting could be interesting too.

Anything different from the same old ground that’s been trodden so many times would be a welcome change.


Article: How Dead or Alive Brought My Military Family Together

Comment: Believe it or not, but Dead or Alive 5 is the most successful fighting game this generation. 10 million people have played it. True, it didn’t sell that much but it achieved the 10 million by going free to play.

Such a shame the series has been put on ice though. Not only has support for DoA5 ended at the start of this year, the DoA6 won’t happen either until Team Ninja decides otherwise, For now, it’s not in the plans.

Anyhow, great story, reminds me of being a younger bro myself.


Article: Tabletop Corner: Sheriff of Nottingham Review

Comment: As I’ve gotten older I’ve shifted some of my ‘gaming time’ away from video games and into board games/tabletop. I really enjoy this segment you guys have started doing, I hope you continue it and do it more often!

This game sounds like a lot of fun and it might be something’s I’ll pick up for gaming night.