The People Speak: Kingdom Come Controversy, Metal Gear Survive Divides, and More

It was a heated week at GameRevolution Towers this week after yours truly successfully divided opinion with an article regarding Kingdom Come‘s creator Daniel Vavra. This particular issue has been highly discussed in the gaming community over the course of the past few weeks, and my own take on the situation inevitably drew more than its fair share of criticism.

Elsewhere, our latest edition of Heart of the Revolution attracted a great deal of praise, with contest winner The_bad_who receiving a free game for their efforts. There was also plenty of Metal Gear Survive coverage as Konami’s controversial spin-off was released.

Take a look at some of our favorite comments from around GR below:

Marco Caballero

Article: Kingdom Come, Wolfenstein 2 and the Myth of “Keeping Politics Out of Games”

Comment: There’s a long debate of the separation of art and artist. If a musician is bit of a dick but makes good music, should you support him by listening to it? For the most part, people would say yes. But what if you draw it to the limit? If Hitler dropped some pretty good beats, would you support him by purchasing his music?

So, as I stated in my original comment, I’m still thinking about buying this game down the road (as I always did), but considering that the director of the game seems to profess ideologies that I don’t support, seems reasonable to me hold off a bit more on getting the game and thus supporting him less.



Article: How The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Changed My Life

Comment: Excellent story, my friend. I am happy to see how well you use the English language. As well, I fully understand the importance of bonding with your dad. I recall my dad installing a sound card in our old Gateway PC, and teaching me how to navigate through DoS to play games. 20 some years later, I do cyber security for the US Air Force and I help my parents with their PCs all the time. Full circle indeed!

Congrats for being featured! You certainly deserve it! What a wonderful piece to share with us. Thank you.


Alpha Threat

Article: Tell GR: Do a Developer’s Politics Affect Your Purchase?

Comment: In the past the answer would be a definitive “No.” But as of late, the older I get, the more I see politicians affecting my life directly, the more I find myself not going to certain sub shops because of who they support, not calling a plumber and going with his competitor because of who they support.

If a politician affects me negatively and directly, why would I give one of his supporters my money who then in turn will donate to their campaign and eventual re-election. This answer “Today” is that I will not and I do not.

These companies should keep their political views very separate from their public views if they do not want to affect sales.



Article: Why Using Metal Gear Survive Booster Microtransactions Defeat the Spirit of the Game

Comment: So you pay money to survive? I play games to escape the real world!



Article: Star Wars Galaxies and City of Heroes Could Return if New Copyright Law Passes

Comment: Galaxies would be great and all, but what I really want to come back is…Hellgate:London

Don’t judge me.