Tell GR: Which Movie Deserves a Game Adaptation?

There was a time when movie tie-in games were a dime a dozen, though in recent years we rarely see a big-budget game released to coincide with a new blockbuster. Sure, there are still plenty of mobile games that use films as launching pads, but in terms of triple-A games that try to replicate the action you’ve seen onscreen? They’re a thing of the past.

While that’s a good thing considering how sub-par most of these tie-in games were, every now and again a great movie comes along and you really wish it would have received its own game adaptation. I felt like this way after recently watching Black Panther, which is a prime for its own action candidate, but will be forced to remain disappointed.

Black Panther is one of many movies that could easily make the transition to a video game, so what are some of your favorite films that you wish would make their way to console? Should Blade Runner 2049 have been transformed into a cyberpunk point ‘n’ click adventure? Would you have liked to see a The Last Jedi beat ’em up with Chewbacca endlessly wailing on a Porg? As always, let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to tune in on Sunday to see if your comment was featured in this week’s edition of The People Speak!